Why I’m Not Doing Vlogmas

Ah, Vlogmas. It’s one of the key events in the blogging calendar and something a lot of creators spend forever planning and looking forward to each December. I’ve tried my hand at Vlogmas in the past, and even wrote a popular post here on my blog all about it: What Is Vlogmas? (And How To Do It!). But over the last couple of years I’ve felt rather differently about this festive vlogger tradition, and wanted to chat today about why I’m not doing Vlogmas. I feel the need to say that this is not a judgement on anyone who does do it, but rather my own personal reasons why I’m not such a fan.

N.B. I’ll come to this shortly, but the photos in this post were taken at the gorgeous Chatsworth House earlier this week…on my 27th birthday, in fact! If you’re wondering what I’m wearing…

Blouse: River Island       Jeans: Zara       Bag: Pinko

Chyaz Chatsworth house fashion blogger

It’s Way Too Time Consuming For December

For many people (myself included!) December is super busy. Usually this would be a great thing for daily vlogging purposes, but here’s the catch: filming what goes on in your day is one thing, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Editing, uploading, optimising your title/tags/description, making your thumbnail, promoting your video…everything that goes into putting a vlog on YouTube takes major time. Due to the nature of party season, a lot of people find themselves super busy during the evenings in December, meaning there is limited time to get all of the above done. One thing leads to another and small delays become huge ones, putting everything behind schedule. In my experience it is super impractical, and leads to my other points…

In Its Own Way, It’s Pretty Stressful

Let’s be real, we’re only talking about making YouTube videos here – not performing life saving surgery. But it’s very easy to get into a vlogging bubble and feel like you’re failing if you find you can’t keep up with Vlogmas. I’ve been there and it’s kind of miserable, not just for you but for people in your life too. I just didn’t find it was worth stressing myself and my loved ones out about in December. Not everyone wants to be included in your vlogs when they’re relaxing around the festive season, and if you’re making yourself late for dinner with friends (or spending every second on your laptop at home) it’s not massively fun for the people you love who want to spend time with you at Christmas. I’m a hardworking gal but there has got to be a line somewhere, and for me that’s trying to put a video out every day during the busiest time of the year.

Chyaz Chatsworth house fashion blogger

Not Everything Has To Be Documented To Be Enjoyed

I do live quite a chunk of my life online, but there are certain things I just don’t feel like filming or sharing on the internet. This isn’t because I’m being super precious about things (although at times that can be true!) but it’s more to do with remembering to live in the moment. Christmas time is a prime memory-making season, and actually using your eyes to enjoy what’s around you is pretty underrated these days. As I mentioned that the start of this post, it was my birthday recently (the 5th December) and Tiz and I spent the day at the amazing Chatsworth House. Whilst we did snap a few photos, like the ones in this post, I didn’t want the whole day to be about ‘getting content’. My favourite parts of the day were the bits when we were giggling and being silly walking around the gardens, stuffing our faces with cake during Afternoon Tea and stroking cute pooches at the Christmas Markets…all of which are tricker to do with a camera in your hand! Of course I do love to photograph and film parts of my day, but it’s because I genuinely want to rather than because I’ve ‘signed up’ to do it every single day. That’s why I’m loving Instagram Stories much more at the moment, as it’s super informal and a really fun way to share little bits of your day!

YouTube Is A Tricky One Right Now

I’ve talked about this extensively so I don’t want to dwell on the matter, but YouTube isn’t exactly easy to get along with at the moment. Everyone is suffering views-wise, and subscribers aren’t being sent videos like they used to be. I’m certainly not saying that YouTube isn’t worth doing at all because of these factors, but it does make me question whether it’s worth all of the effort and the stressful parts of Vlogmas for the videos to be seen by a fraction of those who have signed up to receive them. There are, of course, creators who do SUPER well with their Vlogmas content which is amazing! But personally, I have found (in previous years) that my Vlogmas videos get lost in the ocean of festive content on the site, which just reinforces that it’s not really for me.

Chyaz Chatsworth house fashion blogger

I’m totally anticipating that you guys might disagree with me on this, though I’ve noticed more and more fellow vloggers voicing the same kind of thoughts about Vlogmas. I would absolutely love to know what you think – do you do Vlogmas yourself and find it easier than I’ve described? Do you tend to watch a lot of festive videos, or feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of content out there at this time of year? Let me know!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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  1. December 12, 2017 / 11:44 am

    I agree with you here. I’ve never been tempted to do Vlogmas because it just seems way too stressful for me. I can barely keep up with my regular schedule, never mind posting everyday haha, but good on the people who manage to do it. And I definitely feel a bit overwhelmed with content at this time of year and it doesn’t always end up being the stuff I actually want to watch. I’ve currently found myself only watching a couple of people I’m subscribed to over vlogmas, because there is just too much to keep up with really. Also you look lovely in these shots Chyaz. 🙂

    Samio xxx

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