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chyaz new blog 2017 fashion

A very warm welcome to my totally refreshed blog! This redesign has been a very long time coming, and I can’t tell you how much of a breath of fresh air it is for me. Over on my Instagram page, I hinted at home major changes coming to my online spaces and here is the first instalment – I hope you enjoy my much sleeker, faster and photography-focussed website! A huge thank you to my wonderful fiancé for all of his hard work on getting it up and running, he’s beyond incredible.

I wanted to take the opportunity to chat to you about my place in the blogging and vlogging world, and what I’m going to be doing going forward. I am a bona fide OG of this game, having started my YouTube channel in 2006 with my first attempt at a blog following a couple of years later. As we all know, the online world is unrecognisable from those early days, and it’s more than time for me to make some changes to what I’m doing here. I’m no longer a teenager sitting in her bedroom discovering make-up, and my passions have shifted significantly in the past couple of years…

chyaz new blog 2017 fashion

In the early days, I spoke about beauty almost exclusively – it was a genre I fell into, and whilst I still love make-up and skincare my interests are now much wider. I am very excited to say that the focus of my content will be altering – I am going to be speaking much more about fashion, with sprinkles of lifestyle, travel and beauty along the way. The lifestyle section will, of course, include health and fitness as I’m still passionate about both of those things, but the fashion/personal style angle is one I find myself head over heels in love with. I truly believe that life is too short to pour your time and energy into something you feel half-hearted about, and style just grabs me. I hope that will come across in my upcoming posts!

That certainly isn’t to say that I’ll never make a make-up tutorial or review a product again – in fact, I already have some blog posts and videos planned of that very nature. It just means that I’m going to be putting much more into the fashion side of things, and also letting you into corners of my life I perhaps hadn’t previously. I sometimes feel I’ve held back a little, but I’m working on breaking down some more walls for you guys.

chyaz new blog 2017 fashion

In terms of YouTube – all I’ve said so far applies to my general online presence (my blog, Instagram etc) but as we know, YouTube is a slightly different beast. I will absolutely be talking more about fashion and style on YouTube, but there are certain other ideas I would love to try out on there too. I could sit here and dwell on the recent changes to the platform and the fact many creators are feeling discouraged right now, but what’s the point in that? All I can stay is please stay tuned, and as always I am open to your own requests and ideas too. All I do online is for you guys, so never hesitate to chat to me about what you’d like to see from my channel!

These photos (taken by my lovely fiancé) were perfect for this post, as the dress captured perfectly how I’m feeling right now: GAME ON. I feel like my brain is buzzing with ideas and exciting features for my blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride!

Denim Jacket: Boohoo

Game On T-Shirt Dress: H&M

Bag: River Island

Trainers: Adidas via Schuh

Stay Creative (OK, some things never change – I think I’ll have this blog post sign-off forever!)

Chyaz xox



  1. May 19, 2017 / 2:46 am

    Hi Chyaz, I’ve been an avid follower of your blog and youtube channel for many years, and I’ve always enjoyed your content, so I’m really excited to see what new things you come out with. I’ve just started a channel of my own, you may remember me telling you about it in the comments of one of your videos back in December which you kindly replied to. I’ve been vlogging for a while and enjoy that very much but I’ve now started to film more ‘main-channel’ videos. I haven’t been brave enough to upload them yet, also I want to film several more so I have a back up and plenty to upload once I’m ready.
    But my question to you is, do you have any advice or tips for someone just starting out, any ideas or suggestions you could give me? I still quite like the old style of videos that used to be around years ago but as you’ve said in this blog post, and many others have been saying as well, the general style of youtube has changed dramatically and is now far more unforgiving and professional than it used to be, so as a newcomer I feel very nervous as to where and how to begin. I have been writing my blog http://crystalsparklydreams.co.uk for over three years, which I love but I so want to branch out and have a youtube channel, as I enjoy filming and editing videos so much! I have a few ideas, but I honestly don’t know if they will be good enough. I don’t really have any skills I can share, so I’m worried what new original content I can bring to youtube. I’m so sorry for the long comment, I hope you don’t mind but any help and advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, hugs Dani xx

    • Chyaz
      May 31, 2017 / 6:15 pm

      Hi Dani! Thank you so much for your comment, apologies for my delayed reply. YouTube is a bit of a tricky one at the moment – the best advice I could give you is to do what you truly love. It could be talking about fashion, beauty, books, tv shows, films…whatever it is, be sure to try and find a unique angle and let your passion come through. You might have noticed I haven’t really made any make up tutorials lately, and that’s just because I haven’t felt that passion for doing so. YouTube can be a bit tough, which is why you need that love for your subject matter to carry you through and inspire you to keep making content! At the moment I’m also trying to work out exactly what I want to do with my channel, and think I need to take a little of my own advice too. Be sure to check in with me once you’ve started your channel, and by then I may have a little more advice from seeing changes in my channel too 🙂 best of luck, I’m excited to watch! x

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