Outfit: Spring Denim & Lace Details

Outfit early spring lace denim joanie

What a beautiful weekend it has been! Not only has the weather been amazing (even up north…it’s not always grim in Manchester you know!) but I’ve spent time with some super special people plus got to play with my new toy – the Olympus Pen e-pl8 camera. I finally bought it last week after lusting after it (and the previous models) for absolutely ages, and I am head over heels. Today’s outfit features some new denim plus a favourite of mine from Joanie Clothing, plus some reliable shoes you may recognise from a previous post…

Let’s start with the shirt – it’s the Joanie Paula Pussy Bow Sheer Blouse and is one of my current favourite pieces from the fabulous Manchester-based brand. The pastel blue shade is perfect for spring, and I can never get enough of pussy bows so this was a natural addition to my wardrobe. I never used to wear soft shades like this but have really come round to them within the past year or so. I adore this number!

Outfit early spring lace denim joanie

outfit spring denim blouse lace

Next up are my brand new jeans – the River Island Molly Jeans. Now technically these are jeggings (a little blast back to 2010 for you there) but they totally look and feel like jeans, so we’ll stick with that preferred term here! I bought these last week and really love them. They’re a little distressed and ripped, but not too trashed – just right for me. I loved the contrast between the prettiness of the blouse and the slightly grungy feel of the jeans, which you could say is my style all over.

I paired these with some flats from Oasis released last year. The gold metallic detail added another little twist to the ensemble, and it felt pretty awesome to be out wearing this style of footwear after months and months of boots! Oasis have some gorgeous shoes in at the moment should you care to peruse their site (like I just did!).

outfit denim spring lace blouse joanie

That face you make when you’re taking outfit photos and think you spot a dog, then get worried that you’re going to miss the chance to pet it, haha!

Tiz and I snapped these photos in the Northern Quarter area of Manchester, which is literally right on our doorstep. I love the grungy, New York feel of this section of the city and it’s my go-to when shooting OOTD photos. I am just utterly besotted with my Olympus Pen and can’t wait to share many more images taken using it soon!

What’s the verdict on this outfit guys? Let me know what you think of it, and my new camera too!

outfit denim spring lace blouse joanie

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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