The Best Places To Eat VEGAN In Manchester

Here is my vegan guide to Manchester! Whether you’re currently taking on the Veganuary challenge (like me) or are a committed plant-based eater, recommendations for places to eat out whilst enjoying a vegan lifestyle are always welcome. I live in the wonderful city of Manchester, and wanted to continue the series about my awesome home here on my blog with this post – here are a few establishments I believe are the best places to eat vegan in Manchester!

Note: I have stuck to the city centre for this guide, however there are also lots of great vegan eateries on the outskirts of the city! Also, the photos used are from both my own Instagram and those of the restaurants (I have eaten at all of these places but don’t always snap photos of my food. I must get on the case!)

Independent/More Unique Places

V Rev

It would be entirely impossible to write this post without putting V Rev at the top of the list. This vegan junk food diner is nothing short of legendary, and recently opened up on Edge Street at its new premises. It’s bigger than ever and the menu has had an overhaul – it offers mega burgers, hotdogs, loaded fries, milkshakes, baked goods, alcohol and many other delicious treats. Everything is 100% vegan! There have been a few teething problems with the new location but I’m seeing more and more amazing reviews of the place coming in – it’s the kind of diner I’d go for a real treat, and it’s not to be missed for anyone who enjoys vegan food (I have many meat-eating friends who absolutely love this place).


Another Northern Quarter favourite of mine is the amazing Dough! It has recently re-opened after some flooding damage (I believe) and though it offers more traditional pizzas and other Italian dishes, they also have a wonderful vegan range! Each item on the menu that’s available as a vegan option is clearly marked, and includes lots of the fabulous, tasty pizzas. It’s definitely the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had – I tend to go for the Wild Mushrooms option or The Veggie. Just let your server know that you’re vegan and they’ll look after you. Lots of the nibbles and starters are incidentally vegan, but also clearly marked to avoid any confusion. A great find and really nice atmosphere too!


I’d go as far as to say that Ning is one of my favourite restaurants ever. It specialises in Malaysian cuisine (and is owned by well-known chef Norman Musa, who is really lovely!) and is almost too tasty for words. There are always interesting deals on at the restaurant so be sure to check the website before you visit (and book a table if possible, as it does get busy). The staff are fabulous and all of the vegan options are marked on the menu. I’d recommend the vegan spring rolls and the Mushrooms and Tofu dish with jasmine rice. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! There are also lots of fish and meat options for your omni friends, but if they try the vegan options they might just fancy tucking in! (Note: I’m fairly sure the dish in the above photo is vegan, but it’s the best I could find on their Instagram. Always double check if you go to the restaurant!)


Named after the year the Vegetarian Society was founded, 1847 is a totally vegetarian restaurant with some delicious vegan options too. It’s somewhere I’d go for a more special occasion rather than everyday dining but nonetheless, it is a definitely favourite. The vegan version of ‘fish’ and chips (using tofu) is divine, and they have some darn delectable cocktails on offer too. Everyone has always been so friendly when I’ve visited, so just tell them you’re vegan rather than vegetarian and I’m sure they’d be happy to help!

Kettlebell Kitchen

It might not be the obvious vegan choice, but Kettlebell Kitchen actually cater to the plant-based community really well. I love healthy eating, and with the vegan ‘Kettlebox’ options marked on the menu it’s really easy to build a delicious, nutritious vegan lunch at every gym bunny’s favourite eatery. Make sure you take full advantage of the little extra add-ons to your box, like the nuts and seeds (if they’re your kind of thing) and go for the tofu protein option. There are also lots of smoothies and juices, but be sure to check the ingredients for any whey protein or other non-vegan additions.

Chain Restaurants


Manchester boasts several Zizzi restaurants, but my favourite is at the Corn Exchange. They mark out all of their vegan options on the menu, and also which dishes can be made vegan upon request. They even have vegan cheese in stock to make pizzas! Yep, mainstream vegan pizza is here and I for one couldn’t be happier to hear it. I actually visited Zizzi this lunchtime with my friend Pam from SpamellaB and we had such a delicious vegan feast – olives, spaghetti pomodoro (for me) and a super vibrant salad (for Pam). They’re making such an awesome effort to accommodate plant-based eaters and it’s certainly paying off! They’re also offering 2-4-1 on vegan mains this January, so make sure you get on board with the offer!


Caluccio’s have really impressed me in recent years. Their food is always so fresh, and they actually have a dedicated separate vegetarian and vegan menu! The vegan range isn’t particularly extensive but what they do offer is so perfectly executed it’s really hard to complain. Again, their spaghetti al pomodoro is exceptional and the extras like their unreal fresh bread make it a treat to visit. Tiz and I are huge fans of Italian food (proper Italian food – we’re slowly eating our way around some of the most beautiful and inspiring places in Italy) and really like Carluccio’s. The Manchester Spinningfields restaurant is a favourite of ours as the staff are so lovely and incredibly accommodating!


Holy Guac ? . . . . . #foodgram #foodstagram #nachos #guacamole #fdbloggers #burritos #tacos

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For your quick fix vegan lunch with a healthy twist, look no further than Barburrito. The Piccadilly Gardens location is the one I naturally gravitate towards and am never, ever disappointed. I tend to go for the Burrito Bowl (although the wraps are vegan friendly too!) and get the lime rice, mushrooms and onions, guacamole, mild salsa and lettuce. I’m not a fan of beans, which put me off trying Barburrito for years, but I just skip them on the way past. I’m vegetarian anyway, but still tend to avoid the cheese and sour cream outside of Veganuary as I don’t feel they add to the experience – it’s all about the guac for me. And the guac is DELICIOUS!

Pizza Express

I feel like Pizza Express are really starting to cotton on to the vegan lifestyle movement. Their Pianta pizza is available at each chain, and you can even take in your own vegan cheese for them to add on top (obviously it would be ideal if they had some in stock, but it’s definitely better than nothing!). They recently put out a video on Facebook hinting that they’re looking to expand their vegan range in the future, but it is good to know that there’s at least on option there if you find yourself in one of their restaurants. I’ve been a Pizza Express mega-fan for years so it’s great to see them embracing  veganism – from Piccadilly Gardens to the Corn Exchange and a handful of other locations in between, you’re never too far from one of their eateries in Manchester.


I'm on Lorraine this Monday 9th Jan and this time doing the Mowgli Temple Dahl with broccoli and lemon. I love that Mainstream ITV are taking a punt on an unashamedly lentil, entirely vegan dish. The Producer was a little worried that it's only ever seen as a side dish in curry houses. Not so….In India Dahl and Rice are the nucleus of the kitchen. By their Dahl, we judge the skill of the cook. By their Dahl we can tell the area of India a chef comes from and even their language. It's the ultimate culinary barometer. Every fridge will have an ever ready bowl of Dahl. It's the 3 am munchies, it's the staple of dogs, infants, priests and and patients. Garlic and onion free it's nothing short of the untainted taste of a mother's love. #vegan #veganfoodshare #mowglistreetfood #mowgli #indianstreetfood #chaat #tiffin #foodphotography #foodie #instafoodie #foodgram #foodinstagram #huffposttaste #comfortfood #feedfeed #foodpics #curry #indianfood #foodstyling #vegetarianfood #veganfood #chaatlove #streetfood #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #glutenfreefoodie #gastronomy #foodblog

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Ok, technically this is a chain but should really be in the first category as there are only three restaurants. However, I like balance and needed 5 in each list, haha! I only recently visited Mowgli in the Corn Exchange and I was absolutely floored. This Indian street food-inspired spot is very vegan-friendly – whilst we were there on Tiz’s birthday, I mentioned to our waitress that I’m vegetarian and she not only outlined all of the (MANY) veggie options but the vegan ones too! Many are naturally vegan and some can be made so with just a few tweaks to the preparation – usually by leaving the splash of cream off the top of a curry dish. The food is tasty to say the least and the vibe is incredible relaxed. Don’t hesitate to let your server know you’re vegan, they’re a really helpful and friendly bunch in there!

I hope this guide to the best places to eat vegan in Manchester has been helpful! If you think I’ve missed anywhere off the list (I’m sure I have!) then please leave me a comment and let me know. Are you doing Veganuary? Join in the conversation below!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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