LVL Lashes Review at Nails By Nataya, Manchester

I’m a big lash fan – I’m the kind of person that doesn’t feel ‘put together’ without mascara and my eyelash curlers. You may remember me mentioning Nails By Nataya in a recent post about my experience with Shellac polish – Nataya is the loveliest nail technician in the world, and when doing my nails a few weeks ago we got chatting about another treatment she offers…LVL Lashes! Nataya kindly invited me along to see her in Manchester’s Razor’s Edge to see for myself how fabulous the LVL treatment is, and I popped along last Friday! It aims to lift and curl your lashes, and Nataya also tints them too.

LVL Lashes Review Nails By Nataya Manchester

Her lovely partner Ashley, who is a photographer, kindly took the photos for us. Above are my lashes beforehand – they’re not the longest or most luxurious, and I was so excited to give them a boost. Nataya and I went into the room just behind her nail bar and she talked me through what we’d be doing, and what I hoped to achieve from the LVL treatment.

LVL Lashes Review

As you can see, there were some pads placed below my eyes, a little tape applied to my upper lids and my lashes lifted upwards with a plastic shield so Nataya could apply the treatment solutions to them. The tape wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest – I felt the products being applied and I’d liken the sensation to having some eye make up remover sitting on your lids, a slight tingle but nothing much more. It was actually pretty relaxing as Nataya went through the stages – as she said to me, it’s strange to have your eyes closed in the middle of the day, I felt like I could have a nap!

LVL Lashes Review

It’s so strange to look back at these photos as I had no idea what I looked like at the time! I was so relaxed for having all of that going on around my eyes! That’s what’s so brilliant about Nataya, she’s such a calming person that you really feel like you’re having a luxurious pamper session no matter what the treatment is. I pretty much lost track of the timings of everything as I was feeling so chilled out, but I think the whole treatment took around an hour (possibly less). This also included the tint, which was the super deep black shade that I love in a mascara. Are you ready to see the after shot?!

LVL Lashes Review


Wowzers! As you can see my lashes have been lifted considerably, and the tint just makes them pop. I love to see before and after shots side by side too (see below) – how awesome do they look? This is without any mascara whatsoever, just my lashes! Nataya also gave me lots of aftercare information and a little comb to keep them looking neat and tidy (it is so cute!). For the first 24 hours I had to avoid getting my lashes wet which wasn’t a problem, and days later they’re still going strong. The aftercare info says that the LVL treatment should last around 6 weeks, which is brilliant. I am so happy I had them done!

LVL Lashes Review

The treatment with Nataya costs £49.99. I would totally have this done before a holiday, as who can be bothered to wear mascara when they’re on a beach, hey? I also had a patch test done beforehand which is really important to make sure you’re not going to react to any of the products used. What do you think of my lashes?!

A HUGE thank you to Nataya for the treatment, and Ashley for the wonderful photos too!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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