What Happens When You Get Laser Hair Removal?

If you asked my group of friends how many of them have had laser hair removal, how many do you think would raise their hand? One? A couple? All of them? If you said the latter….you’d be right! I am the only one of my main friendship group that hasn’t taken the plunge, but I have been tempted to look into it for quite a while. The alternatives (like shaving or occasionally waxing – especially when I’m taking outfit photos like the one below) have been my go-to until now. We know how much of a fuss all of that can seem, leaving a laser appointment feeling like a much easier choice! But if you were to go down the laser path, it’s still really important to understand what to expect from your laser procedure. That’s what today’s post is all about!

laser hair removal legsHow Do Lasers Remove Hair?

Imagine being at home and shaving unwanted hair off of your body. How much of that hair can you actually see? Only what’s above the surface of your skin, right? That’s why the hair comes back so fast! All it needs is a day or two to poke through the skin again.

Laser devices work better than that technique because they basically send a wave of heat and energy down the entire strand of hair, even the part that is below your skin’s surface. The “current” (for lack of a better word) goes straight down to each hair follicle, creating damage that slows down future hair growth and getting rid of entire strands of current growth. It’s pretty nifty when you think about it!

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

The next thing you need to know about laser hair removal equipment is that you should expect a multi-phase treatment plan. A single appointment won’t remove all of your unwanted hair forever. You will need a series of treatments at first, and you may need additional treatments after your first round of treatments is over as well. I think this is super important to keep in mind when you’re budgeting and planning for laser hair removal, if it’s something you’re keen on trying!

The more treatments you undergo, the longer it should take for most of the hair to grow back between treatments. What does grow back should be lighter in colour and less noticeable. However, even though some hairs may never return once you have several treatments, others will keep coming back at some point. It’s up to you whether you handle that by doing a little maintenance at home or by continuing to have laser treatments every few months.

Am I OK To Have Laser Hair Removal?

There are some people who aren’t great candidates for certain laser procedures, but the lasers that remove hair don’t work the same way as the devices that treat wrinkles or other skin problems. So, you have to assess your candidacy for laser hair removal separately.

Although most people can have laser hair removal without a problem, there are certain lasers that are best at targeting dark hairs. So, if your hairs are light in colour, you might have a harder time finding the right laser for you – the same is true if your skin is fairly dark. As we know I am pretty fair skinned so I would definitely need to have a further chat with a laser professional to see whether I’d be a good candidate!

So, even though lasers can be one of the most painless clinical hair removal procedures, they can also be a little complicated. You should definitely discuss your hair removal options with your clinician to find the method that will work best for you. Always make sure you go to a qualified professional for any treatment you decide to have!

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