My Nails: Shellac Experiences & Keeping Them Healthy

Nails Shellac Experience Chyaz

I love to post about my nails on Instagram – I may not have the longest, most beautiful talons in the world but I like to keep them in good order. Although I own an embarrassing number of nail polishes (my bathroom looks like a nail salon, it’s pretty ridiculous) I also like to get my nails done professionally, and I’ve had a few different experiences with this. Today I wanted to chat about the times I’ve had Shellac nail treatments and also how I keep my nails looking and feeling healthy!

Shellac Experiences

I first had Shellac done at a salon near my home town, after recommendations from my mum and sister (both huge nail beauty devotees!). I was instantly impressed with how wonderfully the Shellac polish performed, and it was something of a revelation to me. I can’t quite remember which gel nail system they used, but since then I’ve experienced a couple of different ones which I’ll chat more about!

I have had CND Shellac nails done at a couple of salons in Manchester, most recently at the amazing Nails by Nataya in the city centre. Those are the ones featured in the picture at the top of this post! I adored my experience there and will be going back very soon – I’ve also had it done at another couple of salons in the city and have had good experiences every time. I’ve paid between £20-£30 for CND Shellac at different places and it’s always worked wonders for me. I have to say that I’ve been naughty each time and peeled it off myself after a few weeks, but would definitely recommend revisiting the salon for proper removal. Oops!

Nails Shellac Experience Chyaz

I’ve had both lighter and darker shades applied as you can see, and the only difference I’ve noticed is that the lighter shades need an extra coat. When I had the nude nails done, Nataya was wonderful and offered an extra coat no questions asked, which really made all the difference. They’re still totally perfect days on and I’m sure they’ll last for weeks longer yet.

I have also had the OPI Gel nails done, and whilst they were pretty I think I prefer CND. There are many more shades to choose from and for me, CND had better lasting power. I had a light shade in the OPI Gels and I found it was more see-through than the CND, but that’s just in my experience. I’d love to know which systems you guys have tried!

Keeping My Nails Healthy

I don’t particularly use any magic potions to keep my nails healthy, though Nataya recommended using nail oil daily around my cuticles which I think is excellent advice. The key things I do work from the inside – I maintain a good diet and drink plenty of water. What we eat and drink does have a large impact on how our skin, hair and nails look and feel, and to keep things healthy and happy I keep a close eye on these factors.

I also like to let me nails breathe by having frequent product-free periods. Until I had my latest CND Shellac polish last week I hadn’t painted my nails for a good few weeks, and I feel it did them a world of good. As I mentioned, please don’t follow my example of peeling off your gel nails either – I have vowed never to do it again!

Nails healthy care Chyaz

Can you tell I painted my nails myself in this photo? I certainly don’t have any natural nail art skills, that’s for sure! I am planning to grow my nails longer, and having gel nails really does help with that – I have never had a breakage whilst wearing gel, and my own nails have grown wonderfully long underneath each time. I am planning to go back to Nataya in a few weeks for a removal and reapplication…I am determined to have naturally gorgeous almond shaped nails within the next couple of months!

One last tip is to steer clear of crazy chemicals without wearing gloves – it sound obvious, but cleaning your house with bare hands isn’t great for your skin or your nail health. Again, it’s something I’m not the greatest at but I am trying to keep my own advice in mind!

How do you keep your nails healthy? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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