Glitter Beard Inspired Lips Tutorial

Over the past few days two new internet stars have been born…all because they decorate their beards with an array of weird and wonderful things, including a LOT of glitter! The Gay Beards have gained a mixed reaction online, but I for one think they are brilliant. The world can be a negative, scary place at times, and all these guys want to do is make people smile. We need a little more of that in the world, right?

I was so inspired by their silliness that I decided to make a video in response. I don’t have a beard at present, so decided to work with that I do have to decorate…my lips! I got into the glittery spirit for the video, which you can see here:

If glitter beards aren’t quite your thing, they’ve also decorated their facial hair with baubles, pom poms and, er, Cheetos. I literally love what they do, it’s ridiculously fun and refreshingly silly. They seems like awesome people and I’m thrilled that they actually saw my video too!

What do you think of my video?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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