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Laila K (Sonic Boom Six): The Chyaz Interview

I’m very excited to share the latest video in my series, The Chyaz Interviews, with you all! I sat down with the amazing Laila K from Sonic Boom Six to chat about everything from fashion and beauty to exercise and struggles with body image. The interview was incredibly inspirational and refreshingly honest, and is totally… Read More

Emilie Autumn Interview: September 2013

I’m sure many of my long-time viewers will remember my interview with the beautifully unique and downright awesome Emilie Autumn back in 2010. I met with her in Leeds (where I was studying) and we had the most inspiring chat over tea. Just as a quick reminder, here’s that video! When I found out she… Read More

Meeting Paige Adams-Geller at Selfridges!

When a certain email landed in my inbox last week, I got super excited – as a blogger, I spend so much time looking behind the products and brands, but there’s only so far you can get. That’s why I was stoked to be invited to meet Paige Adams-Geller, founder of Paige Denim, in person… Read More

Interview: Jai’me from BoyMeetsFashion

There are some truly interesting and inspiring people in the world of blogging, and I’m lucky enough to be posting this interview with one of them! Meet Jai’me from If you haven’t already checked out his incredible fashion blog, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough – from the dazzling photos to insider scoops, it is always… Read More

Blaise: The Chyaz Interview

If you follow my Facebook page, you might have seen my announcement about the new series I am starting on my YouTube channel! My ambition is to become a television presenter, and interviewing is something I love doing (you may remember my interview with Emilie Autumn, and I’ve done many more outside of YouTube). My… Read More