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Xmas Beauty Haul: 5 for £50 (Plus £200 Boots Giveaway)

Christmas haul and £200 boots voucher giveaway

HAUL: Missguided Active & Fitness!

Missguided Haul Fitness

Collective Haul: Beauty & Fashion

Collective Haul beauty fashion punkchyaz

My Vivienne Westwood Collection

I am not generally a huge lover of designer labels, with one or two exceptions. The biggest exception by a million miles is Vivienne Westwood – I’ve been a fan of Big Viv for longer than I can remember, with my obsession beginning as I got more into punk music and its roots. Every time… Read More

Primark Haul!

I absolutely love watching Primark hauls on YouTube, and after a recent trip to the store I decided to make my very own! I’ve featured Primark items in Collective Haul videos before, but haven’t done an exclusively-Primark video before – I only picked up 5 items, but I adore each of them so I couldn’t… Read More

Claire’s Accessories Haul!

Last week, the wonderful Claire’s Accessories very kindly sent me a bundle of goodies – I was so surprised when they arrived, and couldn’t wait to delve into the box! I absolutely loved everything, and just had to share with you all. I decided to put together a haul video featuring the awesome items: )… Read More

Beauty Haul Time!

I know it sounds strange, as I’m a beauty blogger, but I don’t actually buy all that much make up. I hate wastefulness so don’t tend to purchase things if I don’t think I’ll properly use them. However, over the past few days I have invested in a few beauty bits and pieces, and it… Read More

What I Got For My 23rd Birthday!

I can’t believe my birthday was a whole week ago – the time has gone so quickly! Each year, I love to do a video about some of the gifts I receive from family and friends and they always go down a treat. This year is no exception – here is my ‘birthday haul’ (although… Read More

Huge Fashion Haul: Black Milk, Forever 21, Boohoo

Just lately, I’ve been getting my wardrobe all ready for the colder months – it’s already so chilly here! I’ve had lots of the jumpers in my wardrobe for years now and felt it was time to update things a little, so have been doing a bit of shopping… Ok, so although some of the… Read More

Haul: Topshop, H&M & New Camera!

I have almost never been so excited to film a video, as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell…today’s Haul video was filmed with my brand new Canon 60D camera! That means it’s in super HD quality with much better sound. I really feel like this is a fresh start for my channel and a… Read More

Haul: Summer Fashion 2013

I’m a bit of a funny one when it comes to fashion. I usually find myself in one of two states of mind: I’m either panicking that I’ve got too many clothes and trying to have a clear out, or totally obsessed with finding my new favourite outfit. Over the past few weeks, I’ve definitely… Read More

Haul: Primark etc!

I don’t tend to do haul videos all that often, mostly because I shop in dribs and drabs rather than going on huge sprees. But yesterday, my wonderful sister Steph came to see me and we ended up shopping ’til we dropped! As soon as I got home, I filmed a video to show you… Read More

BARGAIN: Betsey Johnson Pink Aviator Sunglasses

BARGAIN ALERT! I do love finding a good deal, and it’s something I’ve tried to do more and more in 2013 so far. It’s why I love places like TK Maxx, and don’t mind digging through a few items to find the perfect one, usually for a bargain price. That very thing happened a couple… Read More

Haul: Clothing, Make Up and Home!

My haul videos are pretty rare, as I’m not as much of a shopaholic as many other YouTubers! However I have been indulging a little recently, and decided to show you guys what I’ve been buying. Heres’s the video, which went live on Saturday night: A little run-through of the items I mentioned: Abbey Dawn… Read More

A Little Clothing Haul!

The January sales are always difficult to resist..over the past week or so (so yes, before the sales…don’t judge me!) I have bought a few items of clothing that I wanted to share with you all! I am often requested to film haul videos – I don’t often buy a lot of things in one… Read More

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