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My Beauty Empties #1

Beauty Empties skincare

February Favourites 2014 | PunkChyaz

I know, I know. I’ve been terrible at keeping up with monthly Favourites videos (I was going to say lately, but I’ve been awful for around a year!). But today I’m bringing you my February Favourites for 2014 – I hope you enjoy! I always tend to include some beauty, fashion and ‘other’ items in… Read More

2013 Favourites: Beauty

Being a beauty YouTuber and blogger, I naturally come across quite a few products on a daily basis! I think the true test of which do the best job comes from looking at the products I use most often, and that work best for me over a long period of time. I love monthly ‘Favourites’… Read More

Spring Favourites 2013

I am notoriously bad at remembering to do monthly favourites videos, and when I realised I hadn’t done one since February I knew I had to rectify that! I decided to gather together some of my Spring Favourites to show you in a new video. As always, there was a blend of beauty-related items and… Read More

February Favourites 2013!

I have no idea where the month of February went, but it’s time for another Favourites video! This month’s video contains mostly beauty products (I haven’t been super focussed on fashion over the past few weeks, on a bit of clothes-buying ban!) and a few extras! Here’s a quick list of the things I mentioned:… Read More

January Favourites 2013!

I promised myself (and you guys!) that I would make a Favourites video each month this year, and I have so far succeeded! Yes, it is only January, but my January Favourites video went live on my YouTube channel earlier today, packed full of beauty items and much more… Seeing as my YouTube channel and… Read More

My 2012 Beauty Favourites

I love to make videos that I enjoy watching myself – I love a good haul and a ‘favourites’ video, and for my first video of the year it seemed fitting to go down the ‘2012 Beauty Favourites’ route! It was hard to narrow down my favourite products, and also to make sure that I… Read More

My Favourite Winter Perfumes

I was super tempted to do a video on this, but decided to make it a little exclusive for! I am going to run through my favourite perfumes for the winter months – I am very season-oritened when it comes to scents, so thought this would be fun. So far in 2012 I haven’t… Read More

Autumn/Fall Favourites 2012

I missed the boat in terms of doing my September Favourites for this year, so I’ve done a general Autumn/Fall Favourites video!

August Favourites 2012

I’m getting back on track with my monthly favourites videos, so here’s a run down of my favourite beauty, hair and fashion items from August 2012!

Mid-Summer Favourites 2012

I decided to group my Favourite products into one big video – my Mid-Summer Favourite for 2012!