Natural Collection Concealer vs Miss Sporty Be Connected Concealer

As I’ve been experimenting with and reviewing more products lately, I’ve found myself trying out various concealers (which is bizarre as I never wear them personally!). To be honest, I’ve been testing them out a lot on my sister, who wears make up more frequently than me, which is interesting as I get to see products from a different perspective.

There are two that I have been most frequently experimenting with: the Natural Collection Concealer in Fair and the Miss Sporty Be Connected Concealer in 011 Light

Natural Collection Concealer in Fair

Miss Sporty  Be Connected Concealer in Light

I had been using the Natural Collection product when getting ready for nights out, but started using the Miss Sporty one on my sister when doing her make up. I have to admit that, in the past, I’ve been dubious about both brands – I feel like I’d been unfair, as I’d been judging them on their ‘budget brand’ title rather than the quality of the products. So, what is the quality like?

Natural Collection Concealer in Fair

Natural Collection Concealer in Fair

I have previously reviewed this product on its own in the past, but having something to directly compare it to might give me a better insight into its specifics. I love that the formulation is creamy and of a medium thickness – it gives good coverage but doesn’t look like you have an extra ‘layer’ on your skin.

On the minus side, whilst comparing it to the Miss Sporty concealer, I did notice that it can be quite drying; from a little experiment I did, I can also tell that it dries darker than in the tube (this is to be expected, but it did it far more than the Miss Sporty one, which made it more obvious).

On the huge plus side, however, it is £1.99 for 8ml of product, which is amazing. Overall, this is a great product with a couple of downsides.

Miss Sporty Be Connected Concealer

Miss Sporty Be Connected Concealer in Light

I was initially unsure of this product, as in the tube it looked far too dark for my skin tone (which is super pale!). Weirdly, when I actually swatched the two products together on my hand and let them dry for 5 minutes, the Natural Collection concealer was darker!

Miss Sporty Be Connected Concealer vs Natural Collection Concealer

The Natural Collection Concealer is the lower swatch – isn’t that bizarre?

I loved that this product wasn’t drying – when I applied it to my sister’s dark circles (which are minimal, I might add!) it just blended into her foundation perfectly and left no powdery or cakey effects. In terms of price, the rest of the Be Connected range prices products at £1.99 – for some reason the concealer isn’t featured on their UK website but is on their international one. If that it the case, you get much less product for the same price. But, at £1.99, it is debatable how much of an issue that is.


I’m finding it really hard to choose which I feel is the better product – both have great qualities and slightly less great ones. I’m going to have to say it is a tie, with the slight edge going to the Miss Sporty concealer for being slightly less drying than the Natural Collection one. I honestly think that both of these products are very good, and well worth a try!

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  1. September 11, 2011 / 11:23 am

    The Miss Sporty one sounds brilliant! I’ve always been a bit put off by the name ‘Miss Sporty’ though, a bit stupid of me really x

    • September 11, 2011 / 9:27 pm

      I think it’s odd too! x

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