Wagamama’s Fresh New Menu Review

I LOVE Wagamama. It’s been one of my favourite go-to restaurants¬†for years, largely due to the fresh food and awesome vegetarian options. Recently, Tiz and I were invited along to the Trafford Centre site to try out the fresh new summery Wagamama menu additions, and we jumped at the chance to sample some delicious noodle newness!

Wagamama edamame beans fresh new menu

As always, we started with our old favourite Edamame Beans, with the delicious chilli garlic salt. They’re a menu staple but we couldn’t resist adding them to our order as they are just too tasty. If you’ve never tried them, you won’t regret giving them a go – I resisted for years but my goodness, they are fabulous!

Drinks-wise, Tiz opted for a beer (Singha, to be exact) plus his regular favourite juice – the Tropical!

Wagamama tropical juice signal beer new menu

Look at him concentrating hard on the menu in the background there – truly dedicated to the review cause, hey?

I decided to give one of the brand new juices a whirl and originally opted for the Power juice, although they were out of spinach, so I ended up going for the Repair juice which features a blend of kale, apple, lime and pear. IT WAS AMAZING.

Wagamama repair juice new menu

On to the main dishes! Most of the new items were meat-related, so I chose one of my regular favourites whilst Tiz tried out one of the newbies. Let’s first chat about my awesome Warm Tofu Chilli Salad – it’s one of my favourite dishes to eat when I’m out and about, and this one did not disappoint at all. I always wish the portion was double the size as I could eat it for DAYS, it’s that good!

Warm Tofu Chilli Salad Wagamama vegetarian

The tofu chunks are seasoned and cooked to perfection, and the addition of the chilli, cashew nuts and flash fried veggies are just incredible. I have this salad most times I go to Wagamama and always polish it off in no time. If you never believed as salad could be moreish, you must never have tried this one!

I mean seriously, look at this little tofu piece being all wonderful and delicious…

Warm Tofu Chilli Salad Wagamama vegetarian

So on to one of the new meat dishes! Tiz tried out the Short Rib Ramen with the spicy broth – our lovely waiter told us it might take a little while longer for it to arrive, but it was still with us in record snappy time! He really enjoyed it, and said he could have eaten the ribs over and over again. One of the new Wagamama menu features is being able to customise your ramen broth, choosing from light, rich and spicy, which is really good to know!

wagamama short rib ramen new menu

So all in all we had a lovely trip to Wagamama, and will be returning to the super stylish Trafford Centre restaurant very soon. It was great to try out a couple of the new options, and some old favourite too!

Which Wagamama dish is your favourite? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox

Disclaimer: Our meal was mostly paid for by Wagamama. However, this post is an honest review and not sponsored.


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