Amen Fashion: My Latest Style Looks

I love doing outfit posts here on my blog, but lately I’ve been a little obsessed with posting my style looks on Instagram – I adore the idea of that quick snapshot, the ‘what am I wearing RIGHT NOW‘ factor (it’s kind of hard to convey that sentiment without it sounding creepy. Sorry.) and I have seen a boost in fashion-loving followers as a result. This all makes for a happy Chyaz, as I love to both share and gather style inspiration from my online friends and favourite bloggers.

Today I wanted to share a few of those looks with you, with a little more information about where to find the pieces in my Instagram posts. If you’re a fan of these kind of photos, please do give my Instagram page a little follow to never miss a picture!

Oversized Striped Shirt

This shirt is actually from Primark, as are the creeper wedges (forever waiting for the day when Primark items will be readily available online, amiright?). The leggings are my trusty American Apparel Tricot pair – they pretty much go with anything and are ridiculously comfortable. Back to the shirt – I picked it up relatively recently so I imaging you’d still be able to find it or one similar in a Primark store. How would you style up an oversized shirt?

Pastels & Jeans

It’s kind of hard to believe that at one point in my life (a point which lasted about 24 years) I HATED pastel colours. Just lately, however, I’ve realised that they kinda suit my skin tone and I don’t hate them so much anymore. I don’t hate them at all. Ok, I love them. THERE I SAID IT.

This blazer is from River Island, and I urge you to invest in it if you’re looking for a staple spring jacket. I am a bit too obsessed with it and have already worn it countless times. The cami top underneath is also from River Island, and the jeans are the good old Topshop Jamie cut. The shoes are by Irregular Choice, though this style are pretty hard to find at the moment.

Biker Chic

Will biker jackets ever go out of style? I highly doubt it – my collection of them is ever-growing, and this studded Topshop one is still a total favourite (it’s tricky to find these days though). I teamed it with this Dorothy Perkins jumper, a classic white best, my American Apparel leggings and these awesome boots from Sole (weren’t they just made for the jacket?!).

No matter where my style takes me, I’m pretty sure I will always come back to my rock chic roots. That kind of love lasts a lifetime!

Boho Lace

I was originally sent this dress from Boohoo a year or so ago, but it’s still available on their site – in a world of fast fashion I think that shows how much of a staple piece it is! I feel like a floaty hippie princess in this dress, and will continue to wear it for years to come – paired with some sunglasses and my current favourite style of curls, it’s going to be perfect for the warmer weather.

What do you think of these outfits? Do you have a favourite?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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