Simplee Aloe Drink Review

Simplee Aloe Drink Review Apple Mango Lemon

Aloe there! It’s time for something a little different on the blog today, along the health and wellbeing lines – a review of the simply delicious Simplee Aloe Fruit Juice Drinks! We’ve seen an awful lot from aloe drink companies in recent years, and whilst I absolutely love most of the drinks they’re also usually laden with added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. When Simplee Aloe got in touch about sending me some drinks to review, I was expecting them to fit with this trend. I was very wrong…

The Simplee Aloe products are sweetened with totally natural, not-from-concentrate fruit juices. They contain 35% pure aloe vera, and are mixed with either grape and lemon or apple and mango juice. I’m usually a fan of aloe juices which contain the large chunks of pulp, and whilst these don’t have masses of pulp you can still tell that they’re aloe drinks. To be honest, the more subtle pulp pieces were quite refreshing!

Simplee Aloe Drink Review apple and mango

Both myself and Tiz tried out both flavours (several bottles of each to be honest!) and really, really enjoyed them. I personally prefer the Apple and Mango flavour, though the Grape and Lemon is still delicious – I am currently sipping on a carton of it as I type! The flavours are quite subtle and different to a pure fruit juice but for me, the aloe only adds to the taste. There’s even added Vitamin C within the drinks, which is something we could all do with a little more of during the winter cold season!

The drinks are free of preservatives and additives which is great news, and I find they’re a real treat. I am more than happy to ditch the regular aloe drinks I’m fond of and switch to this more natural alternative – you can find Simplee Aloe in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Ocado at the moment. I would love to see them available in places like Yo Sushi! as I think they’d fit right in!

Simplee Aloe Drink Review mango apple lemon grape

The Simplee Aloe drinks get a big thumbs up from me! Have you tried them out yet? I’d love to know what you think too!

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