My Pap Smear Test Experience & Abnormal Results

On Thursday, I posted a video on my YouTube channel…probably the most important and personal video I’ve ever made. I wanted to talk about my experience having a Pap Smear (the test that checks everything is all good with your cervix area – it’s also known as cervical screening, associated with prevention of cervical cancer). As I sat down to film the video, I read on my phone that the wonderful Alan Rickman had passed away…from cancer. With two other legends, Lemmy and David Bowie, also dying from the disease this year already, it hit me all the harder. The more we talk about cancer and all things related to it, the more we can help to protect ourselves and hopefully prevent some types of the disease developing in the future.

Here is my video. I did get emotional at the beginning, but I hope you’ll find lots of helpful information within it.

To run through a few of the main points of the video…

  • In England, the age for having your Smear Test is 25. There are many campaigns to have this age lowered, which I support. You’ll get a letter through the post when it’s time to make your appointment – if you think you should have received a letter but haven’t, still make your appointment anyway.
  • The test itself is mildly uncomfortable at the most. It’s super quick, didn’t hurt me at all and is carried out by a nurse who has seen it all before! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about – in the video, I chat in more detail about exactly what happens.
  • My results did come back as abnormal, but following a hospital appointment and Colposcopy examination, it doesn’t look to be serious. I have had a biopsy and am awaiting the results of that, but I’m feeling positive that it’s all fine.

If you have any questions for me, please do leave them just below. I will try to help as best I can!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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