How To Get What You Want in 2016

How To Get What You Want in 2016

Writing my recent post about my life goals for 2016 inspired me to make a video on my Youtube channel in which I took a little step back. The initial post got me thinking about why we set goals…the answer is, of course, to help achieve and grow into the person we want to be. It all relates back to the question of how we get what we want – and to where we want – in life…

To my mind, this involves a little more than just goal-setting. That is vitally important, hence why it was the first point I made in the video, but I think it has to go a little deeper. In the video, I discuss three areas that I believe can help you to achieve what you want in life! (Note: this is just my own opinion – different things may work for different people, and these things work for me!)

Goal Setting

Thinking of goals is awesome. Writing them down is awesome-er. Breaking them down into do-able aims is even better! That’s why I like to set monthly goals – not only do they seem more manageable, but you’re forced to get your butt in gear and do them. Which leads onto my next point…

Do It Now

I touched upon this in my original post, but it’s worth reinforcing once again. There’s rarely a ‘perfect’ time to do anything, so just go for it! With the exception of some life activities which do need to be planned, most things are just waiting for YOU. Touch the cow, do it now (you’ll know what I’m on about if you’ve had a look at my 2016 Goals post!)


You don’t have to do everything alone. I know it can seem tempting to only want to rely on yourself and be totally independent, but there’s nothing wrong with asking for a bit of help. Some projects, especially creative ones, work so much better when you have more than one person’s input shaping them, so don’t be afraid to approach people and see if they’d like to work together!

What did you think of the video? Let me know all about your own goals below!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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