Review: PowerBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells

PowerBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells review

At Christmas, Tiz surprised me with a gift in the form of the top item on my fitness wishlist – theĀ PowerBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells! I had been looking for a dumbbell solution for a while, and at first glance on Amazon these seemed to provide the perfect balance between being storage-friendly and actually effective. I must have subconsciously realised that they’re also the same dumbbells used by my beloved FitnessBlender too! I dropped a few not-so-subtle hints and on Christmas Day, they were waiting for me (thanks husband-to-be!)

PowerBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells review

There are several variations of the PowerBlock system, but these are the 2.4 weights. They range from 3lbs (1.5kg) at their lowest (i.e. just the white handle) and go all the way up to 24lbs (11kg) when fully loaded. These are totally perfect for me right now, and fit wonderfully with the kind of workouts I like to do at home. The weights are adjustable using the pins/prongs you can see in the photo below – you have to carefully slot them into your chosen bar, which is colour-coordinated with the grid displayed on the white handle, and gently clip them into place. There’s not a huge clicking noise when you do this, but you can feel when they’re secured.

PowerBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells review

So, how do they fare during a workout? Pretty excellently! I haven’t got a proper stand for the weights (the stand is actually more expensive than the PowerBlocks themselves!!) so I balance them on heavy books as they definitely need to be on a sturdy surface. I made the mistake of playing with them on carpet on Christmas Day and almost dropped one of the weight sections on my foot as they’re so hard to secure on a soft surface! If you have the space, investing in the stand is probably a good idea, but my book solution works well for now.

PowerBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells review

In terms of transition times, they’re fantastic. Once you get used to the motion of the pins you’ll be totally fine – I have used them whilst following along with a couple of FitnessBlender workouts now, and they’re incredibly user-friendly. I feel that they will continue to be a huge part of what makes my exercise efficient and effective, and if you’re looking for a compact dumbbell solution I’d highly recommend checking these out! They’re also on offer on Amazon at the moment, so grab a good deal whilst you can.

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