Review: Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color

Smashbox LA Lights Highlighter review

It’s review time! I have missed doing these so much, and can’t wait to kick off my review reboot with a product from one of my all-time favourite beauty brands, Smashbox! When I met up with the brand for breakfast a couple of months ago they kindly gifted me some of their latest releases, one of which was this L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color in Hollywood & Highlight. I’m a big fan of highlighting, though I usually use powder-based products to do so. I was intrigued to see how I’d fare with this creamy stick formula, and got to work trying it out!

Smashbox LA Lights Highlighter review

I really love golden, shimmery highlights so was immediately impressed when I opened the tube. Multi-function products also score highly in my book, as I believe that make up should be versatile – after all, so many of them can do so many jobs! Smashbox products were made for being on-camera, and as I spent most of my life in front of the lens I thought it would be ideal to try this out before going to read the news on TV! I knew that I could have a look afterwards to see how it looked on screen, and thought it would be a fun experiment. For the sake of the post, I took photos before leaving the house for you to see the product in action.

Smashbox LA Lights Highlighter review

The product comes with a spongey end to help you blend it into the skin – I rarely use accompanying make up tools like applicators¬†and sponges, preferring to use my own tried and tested methods, so although I didn’t use it I think it’s great that one is included. I think it would work really well for highlighting areas like the forehead and bridge of the nose, and could even perform well on areas like the cheekbones. Even if you weren’t to use the sponge, it doesn’t get in the way as it’s concealed with the plastic cap, and you can just use the product as normal. Win win!

Smashbox LA Lights Highlighter review

I got to work using the Hollywood & Highlight shade – I applied my foundation as normal before using the stick to highlight my forehead, bridge of my nose, chin and cheekbones. I then used my regular contour powder to complete the look. The application was versatile – for my forehead I used the stick straight on to my skin, and blended with my fingers. For the rest of my face I first rolled the stick onto my fingertips before then sweeping onto my skin – either method works well, and depending on the strength of your foundation you could easily use the stick itself to apply. It blended well, and left a true highlight rather than just a sheen or glitter finish to the skin. It was subtle and didn’t look greasy against my mostly-matte make up, which I really liked.

Smashbox LA Lights Highlighter review

Apologies for the photo quality – I was dashing out of the door to do the news and had to snap away on my iPhone! As you can see, there is a gorgeous glow to areas like my nose and cheekbones – it’s subtle but effective, as I found when looking back at footage from the news last night. My skin looked incredible on camera, and I could tell that I’d done something slightly different with my make up. As ever, Smashbox lived up to its reputation for looking stunning on screen, and I was really impressed with the results.

As for price, the L.A. Lights stick retails for ¬£25 – it’s pricey, but a premium product, so if you’re a true highlighting junkie I think you’d love it. I had a ball trying it out! The effect is subtle, but if that’s what you’re after it’s a winner.

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