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What has been going on with me?! Well, today I have the answer! Over the past few (very very busy) months I have had quite a few questions from you guys on various things, from the frequency of my videos to whether I’m still engaged (I know I wasn’t wearing my engagement ring in one of my recent videos) and I wanted to address all of your queries in my new video!

I won’t give the whole lot away and spoil the video, but in this post I wanted to talk about my YouTube and blog content and how often you can expect me to post. Lately I haven’t been filming or blogging as much as I’d like to, but I’m thrilled to say that that’s all about to change! Due to a few changes in circumstances (that I explain in the video) I have more time to keep creating all of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogs and blog posts that I possible can, meaning I will be back to around 2 videos per week and as many blog posts as my fingers can type! I’m so happy about this, and hope you’re all excited for what’s to come too! I have some really fun ideas up my sleeve and can’t wait to get cracking on them.

For all of the updates, here’s the full video!

As always, if you guys have any extra questions or anything you’ve been wondering about, just let me know! Pop me a comment just below, or on the video, and I will of course get back to you as soon as possible. You’re all amazing and the responses to the video so far have been amazing, I am the luckiest vlogger in the world to have such awesome subscribers!

Just as one extra note too – in the video I didn’t mention my health & fitness channel, WhatTheHealth, but fear not! I have a new video due to go live on there this Thursday, and will be continuing to post weekly videos from here on out. I’m so excited to get back into the swing of things with that, and back on the healthy wagon myself too. It’s always so easy to look at someone’s life and think “as IF they don’t have time to work out/eat right!” but having been in that crazy busy situation myself recently, I totally get how easy it is to let all of those things slip. I’m back and raring to go now though!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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