Outfit: Mono (River Island A/W15 Preview)

Listening to & inspired by: Mono by Courtney Love

River Island Autumn Winter 2015 style

We’re just about into Autumn (depending on your viewpoint…I know it’s a contentious issue!) and the start of the season is one of my favourite times. You can still get away with remotely summer-like clothes but there’s more scope to play with materials and lengths than when it’s scorching hot (not that we had a divine summer!). The amazing River Island kindly sent me some vouchers a little while ago, and I wanted to use them to do a rather early A/W15 preview of a few of my favourite pieces from them…

Top: River Island £22

Skirt: River Island £28

Boots: River Island £45

River Island Autumn Winter 2015 style

I enjoy River Island clothing all year round, but absolutely fall in love with it during the colder months – the faux fur and leather details, boots, jackets…it’s totally up my street. I loved the rock chic element the faux leather added to this outfit, both in the skirt and boots, hence the inspiration with Courtney’s song Mono (I know it wasn’t the meaning of the song, but mono, monochrome…I’ll go with it). I don’t tend to wear stripes but really loved them in this ensemble – did you spot how muscly my arm looked in the first photo?! I know that look isn’t for everyone but it makes me feel like those mega arm days with FitnessBlender have been paying off!

River Island Autumn Winter 2015 style

I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls who feels awesome wearing a crop top, but thus far it hasn’t quiet happened – what I loved about this top is that whilst the cropped element is there, the lace acts as a little safety net for your midriff. I feel like it whispers “don’t worry bro, I got you” with each step I take. Plus with a jacket thrown over the top you could easily stay plenty warm enough for the September weather – some cute tights added into the mix would also help on that score too. I think it’s a pretty mild month weather-wise so far so I totally got away with this look as it was, but there are always options!

River Island Autumn Winter 2015 style

The skirt is to die for, and I feel it accounts for having a booty as a size 8 fit me perfectly (I usually have to wear a 10 in skirts to account for my bum, but this worked brilliantly for me). As for the shoes, I think these will be my go-to Autumn heeled boots as they’re super comfy and really versatile for pairing with different outfits. I literally want to go back and buy every single thing in River Island at the moment, and feel that they would go with most pieces in my style. I can’t wait to pair them with sheer tights, jumper dresses and longer skirts too!

River Island Autumn Winter 2015 style

What do you make of this outfit? I love to read your comments, so please leave me one just below – thanks for reading, and a big thank you to River Island for the vouchers too!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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