My A/W Boots: SOLETRADER Review


Summer is officially over (kind of…probably) which makes Chyaz a very happy fashion lover. I’ve mentioned before that summer clothes are not my favourite, and that autumn and winter threads, shoes and accessories are much more my cup of tea. Buying my A/W staples sends me into a frenzy, and I can spend hours and hours trawling through online sites and high street shops in search of my holy grail pieces for the season. With these boots, however, the process happened almost by accident…

I have a pair of Boots from Primark that are almost identical to these Serena Boots from SOLETRADER, but after a winter of wear and tear they’re starting to fall apart. I was so sad when I first realised the inside of the boots were disintegrating, certain that I’d never find another pair quite like them. That is, until I did a curious Google search for ‘chain buckle boots’ (or something equally as eloquent) and these beauties popped up, on sale too!

IMG_6755They were originally on the site for £109, but were reduced in the sale to £79 – they still had my size (they look to be selling out fast, so grab a pair ASAP if you love them!). They’re much more detailed, well-made and simply divine than my old Primark ones, and I ordered them within seconds. I’m usually between a size 4-5 UK, and I went for a 4 – I’m pleased to say they fit perfectly, like they were made for my feet!

Delivery-wise, I opted for the parcel to come to my apartment (for free – the returns are also free too!). The DPD delivery sent me lots of texts and emails to keep me posted on where they were, and I received a message saying they were due to arrive a day earlier than I thought, with a time slot too. I knew I wouldn’t be in, so opted for them to be delivered to a unit near the TV studio called Doddle (it’s actually in Manchester Piccadilly station, for any fellow Mancunians!)

Black Chain Buckle Boots Soletrader reviewThe man at the unit was SO lovely when I went to pick up the parcel the next day, and told me more about the service. I’ll definitely be using it! When I got home I ripped open the box and popped these babies on straight away – my goodness, they are amazing. I knew they’d be good, but was thrilled at just how great they are. This was definitely the quickest and smoothest purchase of my A/W boots in Chyaz history (I like to drag the process out…they’re going to be worn all season, so you’ve got to get the decision right!)

What do you think of the boots? I know they’re more aligned with my alternative style (I feel like if a pirate and a cowboy had a child who idolised Russell Brand, they’d wear these boots. I honestly mean that in a good way). Are you tempted to pick them up too?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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