Review: Wahanda & Urban Oasis Spa Manchester

Wahanda review urban oasis manchester

A few weeks ago, the fabulous Wahanda Beauty Booking very kindly sent me a voucher with which to treat myself to a much-needed pamper session – my life has been rather hectic lately (hence the lack of posts here on my blog, which I am swiftly getting back on top of!) and a day of total relaxation sounded like pure bliss to me. I quickly got to work scrolling through the Wahanda app, figuring out what to spend my £100 of credit on before landing on the ideal option…

I’ve talked about the amazing Wahanda on my blog before, and whilst I adored my gel nails experience last time, I wanted to mix things up. I also wanted to take my lovely fiancé with me for a treatment, as it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a mini break away from the madness of our daily lives (even though we’d be staying in Manchester!). I finally settled on the Oasis Urban Spa, located in Debenhams in the city centre. The couple’s spa treatment (the You’re Not Alone treatment, complete with a glass of bubbly each, to be precise) came in at exactly £100, and felt like it was meant to be!

Wahanda review urban oasis manchester

The booking process through Wahanda was fantastic, as always. It’s so easy to find deals, venues, treatment packages and reviews – I honestly use the app personally on a regular basis, and love how user-friendly it is. It’s my go-to booking system without a doubt, and I simply can’t fault it. With the spa itself, we had a couple of hiccups in terms of them fitting us in (we had to reschedule via email a few times) but once we were finally settled on a date, we really started to look forward to it.

The spa itself has a perfect location inside Debenhams, and has a clean look and feel to it. I wouldn’t say that our first impressions of the venue were spectacular, just nice enough, but I knew that the treatment itself was what really mattered. We filled in a health questionnaire and were taken through to the treatment room after a wait of around 10 minutes, buzzing for our full body massages and the bubbly that awaited us afterwards!

review wahanda urban oasis spa manchester

The treatment room was basic but welcoming and relaxing, and the therapists were polite and friendly. We were left to change and settle into the twin beds before the treatments were carried out – I literally can’t fault the full body massage, and neither can Tiz. It was deeply relaxing, expertly carried out and I wish it could have continued for another hour! The 60 minutes passed by so quickly, and we were both totally chilled out at the end. The tensions of a busy lifestyle can really build up, and to just totally relax for an hour felt like an absolute luxury – it was divine.

Afterwards we were given time to dress and leave the room at our leisure, before being greeted and taken to have our bubbly. The little balcony we sat at overlooked the Debenhams shopping area, which was a little surreal after such a chilled out hour but it made for a good people-watching platform (come on, we all do it!). The fizz was delicious and came with a cute strawberry – definitely felt a little tipsy afterwards (that’ll teach me to not eat beforehand!)

review wahanda urban oasis spa manchester

All in all, we had a lovely time and both said we would return in the future. As for the Wahanda side of things, they have a fan for life in me (and now Tiz by default!) – the whole point of a beauty treatment is being able to chill out and relax, and Wahanda makes that totally possible. I’m not only really grateful for the kind voucher they sent over, but the fact they exist at all!

What’s your perfect spa treatment?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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