Why Sassy Is The New Black

The art of being sassy is nothing new – I remember watching movies as a kid and gawping in awe at characters who sashayed around, witty one-liners shooting from their sharp tongues (I’m looking at you, Rizzo from Grease)…those kind of traits always impressed me far more than anything cutesy. It wasn’t just the ladies, either; as a kid, I admired the likes of Peter Pan and the Genie from Aladdin over any number of Disney princesses. Though my ultimate hero, Alice (of Wonderland fame), was for me the epitome of sassy, by my definition at least.

I feel that sassiness has had somewhat of a resurgence lately. Before I continue, I must make one thing clear – by no means am I suggesting that ‘strong = sassy’, no questions asked. A strong woman can take a million different forms, not to be reduced to one personality trait – what I’m really discussing is a state of mind, an internal voice, that little cheerleader in your head that whispers “f*&k it” and encourages you to reach further and higher than you thought you could, opinions be damned.

Sassy Emoji Information Desk

I think social media has played a huge role in the rise and rise of sass – it’s easier than ever to put a persona out there for the universe to see without speaking a single word. Emojis, hilarious tweets, shared quotes…they all help to build a picture of ourselves that we wish others to acknowledge, and I think that should be celebrated. I happily admit that sharing a sassy, witty piece of internet content that gains traction amongst my followers gives me a little boost – I adopt that persona for the day, carrying it with me ready to whip out as and when I need it. It’s not so much a case of having an angel and a devil on your shoulder, but a caricature of whomever has inspired you that day. I hear Beyonce cited time after time as friends’ sassy internal narrator, but I think mine is based on a few other incredible ladies (and characters…can you tell I’m a TV nerd?): some days it’s OITNB’s Taystee; other days I channel Jennifer Lawrence; sometimes the only thing for it is to internally roll my eyes à la Arrested Development’s Lucille Bluth. But only occasionally. And never out loud.

There is definitely a misconception around sassiness and rudeness, and I look at it like this; if someone uses sass to give themselves confidence without tearing someone else down, brilliant. If they use it as an excuse to talk to people like crap and conceal insecurities behind arrogance then it’s probably not great news for anyone involved. Positive sassiness will always trump negative, and that’s what I like to aim for. Making others laugh or lightening the mood where appropriate is, for me, the key by-product of a positive sassy attitude, with the key being to feel that bit more prepared to take on the day in your own mind. Even if your sass-spiration is someone like the cutting Lucille, you can still use it positively – just disregard the mean parts of the character and draw from her wit, even if it’s just for your own internal use (I sound like an office memo, and not The Office either. Which reminds me of two more of my favourite sass-masters…the legendary Michael Scott and of course, Kelly Kapoor).

Lucille Bluth sassy

There was no particular inspiration for writing this post, other than my musings about what makes me feel confidence. Of course, confidence itself is far more deep-rooted and complex than just adopting a sassy attitude for the day, but in an age where our confidence levels are constantly challenged, every little helps. Especially in the online world, which as we know can be a blessing and a curse, there are just as many people waiting to tear us down as build us up, and facing that obstacle with wit and sass could never be a bad thing in my book.

Anywhere, there’s my take on it all – do you think sassy is the new black?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox

P.S. You didn’t think I’d end this post without acknowledging the fact it’s my first in months, did you? I can only apologise, and promise I’m back for good. Thank you for sticking with me!


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