Reacting To My Old Facebook Photos!

Avril Lavigne Lookalike youtuber photos

A few nights ago, I went out for dinner with Tiz and a couple of friends – the conversation turned to old, embarrassing photos that are lurking around on our social media pages. It got me thinking about the YouTube video where vloggers react to their old Facebook profile pictures, and I couldn’t resist giving it a go! I flicked through my gallery whilst filming, and picked out a few to chat to you about – here’s the video!

It was so much fun to look at these photos again, there are some I hadn’t peeked at for years! The first was from my days as an Avril Lavigne lookalike, when I joined up with a couple of agencies – it was all for fun really, but was a cool little hobby whilst it lasted! I vividly remember taking this pic too…I’d just had my hair highlighted and was about to go to a picnic. I was wearing my favourite Good Charlotte shirt and was pretty much feeling my look!

Avril Lavigne Lookalike Blonde

I’ll pick out a couple of other favourites too – the rest are available to see in the video! Here was a photo of my on stage when I was in a band. It was such a fun gig, and looking back at the pic brought back loads of memories. The thrill of performing was always incredible, and when we got to perform a mixture of our own original songs and covers (like Teenage Dirtbag and Tick Tick Boom) it was just the best.

Also, how cool does my hair look in this photo? The light makes it look like it’s glowing!

Chyaz singing in band

Finally, I couldn’t stop smiling when I reached this photo. It’s the first ever picture of Tiz and I together, almost 7 years ago…now we’re engaged! It was taken at a park when we went out with a group of people. We’d just got together, and spent the entire day chatting in our own little world! We took this selfie and Tiz photoshopped it to be all pink and gorgeous – just because I liked the colour. It was my laptop wallpaper for years, and it was so lovely to look back at it in the video.

Chyaz and Tiz love

What did you think of these photos, and the other ones in the video? I’d love to hear your reactions too!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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