Review: Color WOW Color Security Shampoo & Conditioner

Color WOW Shampoo Conditioner review

I have just had my hair freshly highlighted, which perfectly coincided with being sent these brand new hair products to try! Today I’m going to be talking all about the Color WOW Color Security Shampoo and the matching Conditioner – I’m a huge fan of products designed to keep colour fresh, so couldn’t wait to give these a whirl.

I decided to use them in the same wash, as I find that’s always the best way to get to grips with a new product range. After finishing my workout this morning I hopped into the shower and took the Color WOW Shampoo and Conditioner with me – after taking off the hidden protective tabs inside the lids (I had a right good squeeze of the tubes before realising they were the reason nothing was coming out!) I got to work with the duo.

Color WOW Shampoo Conditioner review

I loved that the shampoo was a clear colour – for some reason it just makes me think my hair is going to come out super clean! I have ridiculously long hair so used a little more product than the recommended coin-sized amount, and it worked brilliantly. Sometimes my hair feels literally squeaky-clean after shampooing, but there was not a squeak in sight – I read that hair squeaking is a sign you’ve over-cleansed, so I was happy with how the shampoo performed in that respect.

The product lathered very well indeed, and had a subtle yet pleasant smell, and I felt my hair was all ready for the conditioner. There’s nothing worse than a shampoo leaving your hair feeling anything-resembling sticky, and I’m pleased to report there was no sign of residue left on my locks after shampooing.

Color WOW Shampoo Conditioner review

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with conditioners. I only ever use them on the ends of my hair as I hate the thought of overloading my hair with product that will just make it look greasy again in next to no time. I was happy to see that the conditioner was medium-thickness (I can’t stand really heavy, gloopy products) and it glided through my hair with ease. Again, I didn’t feel that any residue was left once I’d rinsed, which boded well for the product’s performance.

After blow-drying, I was very impressed with the colour-protecting properties of the Color WOW pair. Whilst my hair wasn’t noticeably softer or smoother than before, I did notice that my highlights looked as bold and bright as before, which was more than enough for me. If anything, I did find that my hair was a little more swishy and fuller, and that suited me down to the ground!

It’s a thumbs up from me, and I’m excited to carry on using these Colow WOW products in my hair washing routine!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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