Rimmel Spice Lipliner: The Best Kylie Jenner Dupe?

Rimmel Spice Kylie Jenner Lips

We’re well into March 2015, and the world is still obsessing over Kylie Jenner’s lips. Almost everything that can be said about them HAS been said; the MAC products she uses (rumoured to be Spice, Whirl and Soar lipliners, plus lipsticks like Velvet Teddy) have totally sold out and there have been more posts about dupes than I’ve had hot dinners. But I think I might have found the best of the best, and it comes courtesy of the ever-reliable Rimmel London…

The Rimmel Spice Lipliner, from their 1000 Kisses line, has been much-discussed in the beauty blogosphere, and I decided to pick it up the other day for a modest £2.99. Clearly much cheaper than any of the MAC options, and having used the 1000 Kisses range before, I knew it would be decent. I gave it a whirl today (no pun intended) and I think it might just be the best Kylie Jenner lipliner dupe of all!

I decided to snap a selfie wearing the Rimmel Spice liner…

Rimmel Spice Kylie Jenner Lips

OK, my lips don’t look enormous (because I didn’t over-line them, as per the Kylie J trend) but Spice definitely has the pink-brown, matte effect down to a T. This is just one variation of the looks she goes for, and though I’m yet to try the technique she favours in terms of making the lips look much bigger, I think the colour is a pretty good alternative to the pricier MAC alternatives.

So when you combine the price point, the shade, the finish and the fact it doesn’t over-dry your lips (a big bonus for me, who has chronically dehydrated lips) I think Rimmel Spice is a winner. The great thing about it is it allows you to buy into the trend without, you know, investing in it – there’s no denying that it’s easier to drop £2.99 on a product you may or may not suit than purchasing half the MAC counter in the hope it will look good on you.

What do you think of my Rimmel Spice selfie? Have you tried any other Kylie Jenner lip dupes?

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