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Ox Pasture Hall Review Grounds

I’m bringing you a rather different kind of review today! A couple of weeks ago, Tiz and I were invited to the beautiful Ox Pasture Hall Hotel near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, to stay in a luxury suite (how fancy!) and let you know what we thought of everything. You might have spotted a couple of snaps on my Instagram feed from our stay, but I wanted to bring you the full low-down on this gorgeous hotel in a full blog post. Let’s go!


As you can see from the first photo above, the hotel itself is a stunning country house with a LOT of land surrounding it. We’re city dwellers and do miss greenery from time to time, so this was a great break for us. Despite the rain and cold weather (we do live in the UK, let’s be honest) we were greeted very warmly by the reception staff and shown to our room. We wandered through the twisting inside-and-outside corridors of the hotel before arriving at the courtyard you can see in the bottom left photo above. Our room was at the far corner, and just behind and to the right was a cute mini-lake overlooking even more rolling countryside. Bliss!

Ox Pasture Hall Review Bedroom

Our bedroom consisted of three separate areas – a living room (top left), an absolutely wonderful bathroom and the sleeping area, complete with a king sized bed. I cannot describe how comfortable the mattress was! It was the kind of bed you decide you never want to leave as soon as you jump into it – the covers were super cosy too. All in all, the bedroom was clean, warm (very important to me!) and well-equipped. There were only a couple of things I’d change in an ideal world – the WIFI didn’t extend to our bedroom, which made Instagramming tricky (there were so many things I wanted to post about) and there happened to be a rather active family staying in the room above, whose footsteps we could hear quite heavily. But all-in-all, we were relaxed and happy in the room.

Ox Pasture Hall Review Bedroom

The room’s facilities were great, with a good range of toiletries to use and plenty of tea, coffee and hot chocolate supplies. The little details, like the clock and paintings on the wall, were wonderful touches and made the space seem very homely. In a way, the lack of WIFI was quite nice – people often talk about having technology ‘blackout’ nights to stop the distractions of our phones and laptops getting in the way of actual conversation, and we found it was quite refreshing. There was good internet access in the lobby and lounge areas, so we didn’t miss out too much.

Restaurant & Food

Now for the absolute highlight of our trip – the food and drink at the hotel’s Courtyard Restaurant! WOW. I mean it. There are certain meals I can pinpoint as being truly exceptional, and this was undoubtedly one of them. Let’s start with what I ate as a vegetarian at dinner…

Ox Pasture Hall Review Dinner Food

When we went down to the restaurant for dinner, we were first taken into the lounge and given a glass of bubbly (my favourite!) and our orders were taken from the menu. We were led into the beautifully laid out restaurant and first brought an unexpected amuse-bouche – a teacup of Cream of Carrot soup. I am very picky when it comes to soup, but fell in love with this one – I knew we were in for a real treat. My starter was a Goat’s Cheese Panna Cotta, the perfect option for me. As you can see in the top right hand corner, it was served with beetroot crisps, orange slices and other fruity delights. Incredible. But then we come on to the main…this Open Lasagne, created for veggies, was one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. I can’t even explain how amazing the flavours were. Divine from start to finish. My dessert was equally fantastic, and I opted for the Sticky Toffee Pudding. We also had some lovely red wine with the meal, plus coffee (or in my case, chamomile tea) to finish.

Ox Pasture Hall Review Dinner Food

Tiz also had the amuse-bouche but I thought I’d include a photo of the bread we were also given, which was delicious! He loved his food as much as I did – his starter was a Traditional Prawn Cocktail, his main was Lamb with Dauphinoise Potatoes and Butternut Squash Puree, and he chose the Chocolate and Pistachio due for dessert. When I asked him to contribute to this post, he described the food in one word (in capital letters): AMAZING. I think that says it all really! He also asked me to mention that the service, both in the restaurant and hotel in general, was fantastic. I definitely agree!

Ox Pasture Hall Review breakfast

After our dinner experience, we knew breakfast would be lovely too. We weren’t ravenously hungry (as you can expect!) so just picked what we fancied. There was a breakfast buffet (Tiz had some cereal, and we both had juice) and we were served with a generous pot of tea too. I was a tiny bit disappointed that there weren’t any pastries, as described on the menu (I have such a weakness for them), but my cooked breakfast choice of poached eggs on toast with mushrooms (my favourite things ever!) more than filled me up. Tiz opted for the Full English, and really enjoyed it!


Ox Pasture Hall Review weddings

As many of you know, Tiz and I are engaged (6 months today!) and couldn’t help noticing that Ox Pasture Hall is also a wedding venue. Although we’re personally not actively wedding planning at the moment, it was still good to appreciate how the venue could work for someone’s big day. I think for a small-medium sized summer wedding, the hotel would be simply stunning – the opportunity for photos amongst the green land when the sun is shining would be amazing, and as you can see in the photos above, the hall looks spectacular when all done up according to the wedding’s colour scheme.

The major plus point for me would be the availability of rooms at the hotel for guests to stay over. It’s something we’re very conscious of, and it makes all the difference if people don’t have to worry about finding a separate place to stay after the reception comes to an end. If you’re engaged and are looking for a beautiful Yorkshire countryside venue, definitely look up Ox Pasture Hall!

A huge thank you to the hotel for inviting us to stay with them, and for their hospitality. We had a great break and hope to return again some day!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox

Disclaimer: As mentioned, our break was complimentary and paid for by Ox Pasture Hall Hotel.


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