Holland & Barrett Spa Day Event!

I LOVE Holland & Barrett. I think I was about 14 when I became a little bit obsessed with popping into the store every time I spotted one, and can even remember my first ever purchase – a snack bag of cashew nuts! Over time I’ve become more and more into health and fitness, and though I still pick up my cashew nuts in the store, you’re also likely to find things like coconut oil, wheatgrass powder and Vitamin B12 spray in my shopping basket.

I was over the moon to be invited along to their Weird & Wonderful Spa Day Event, its name owing to the huge and varied range of both exciting and unusual products Holland & Barrett have in their stores. It was held at the stunning Hale Country Club and from the moment I received the invitation I knew we were in for a great day! I met fellow bloggers Rosie and Cat in Manchester before heading out to Hale for our day of treats.

Holland & Barrett Blogger Spa Event Chyaz

First on the agenda was lunch! I’d visited Hale Country Club before so knew we were in for some delicious food – I opted for the grilled halloumi plus the garlic ciabatta (with cheese…can you spot a theme here?). It was, of course, divine, and after a glass of bubbly, a great chat about our favourite Holland & Barrett goodies and a quick change into our robes we were ready for our treatments! We were totally spoiled with a 2 hour pamper session, which included a divine facial and full back massage treatment. It was literally heavenly, and I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as relaxed as I was then. Full marks to Holland & Barrett for choosing the treatments, and to the therapists for carrying them out so perfectly!

Holland & Barrett Blogger Spa Event Chyaz

Afterwards, we headed into the beautiful leisure area, which includes an infinity pool, underwater massage chairs and every kind of steam room/sauna you can think of. It added a whole new level of relaxation, and even being outside in early February felt blissful as the infinity pool was perfectly heated! All of us left the day feeling totally chilled out, wonderfully pampered and just plain happy. It was, hands down, one of the best events I’ve ever been to and I’m so grateful to Holland & Barrett for such a great experience! Plus…look at how curly my hair was after being tied up in its bun. I couldn’t do this look normally if I tried!

I wanted to share a few¬†things from their very generous goodie bag with you, plus let you know about a couple of my favourite recent purchases from Holland & Barrett. I was thrilled to find a box of Booja Booja chocolates in the extra box of treats we were kindly sent after the event – they’re vegan and free of any nasty additives, and are TOTALLY GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to try out all of the different flavours, as I’ve only tried a couple of them so far. I’m also so intrigued by this Opal London Sisal Brush (which is made from vegetable fibres produced from crushed cactus leaves, how cool is that?) – I’ve wanted to use a body brush for SO long, so here’s the perfect opportunity! I’m also loving the Dead Sea Spa Bath Salts, as I’ve long been a fan of their magical properties and was low on supplies.

Holland & Barrett Blogger Spa Event Chyaz

A week or so ago, I popped to Holland & Barrett in the Trafford Centre and