Feeling Like You’re Just Not Good Enough…

If you’ve clicked onto this post, I’m guessing it’s because – at some point – you’ve felt this exact way. Call it feeling inadequate, not up to scratch or just plain rubbish…I promise that you’re not on your own. I find that this time of year can be super exciting, but the pressure of things like New Year’s Resolutions, everyone trying to prove themselves to be kicking butt in January and social media in general can cause you to look at your life and feel a bit ‘meh’.

In my new YouTube video I discuss this in detail, and reference one of my favourite quotes on the topic: “Don’t compare your ‘behind the scenes’ to everyone else’s’ ‘highlight reels'”. Social media is one way we can find ourselves constantly comparing our lives to others’ – it’s so easy to look at someone’s Instagram feed/Twitter posts/Facebook holiday photos and feel that your daily life is either boring, inferior or totally pants in comparison. But what you’ve got to remember is that those tiny nuggets of information are just snapshots of that person’s life, and we’re all inclined to only put the most favourable bits and pieces out there for the world to see.

Something that I’m sure a lot of my fellow bloggers will sympathise with is feeling the need to judge your own success by the standards of others in the same field. Whilst I think a little of this is good for motivation (and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone – if it pushes you to achieve more, it can’t be bad) but too much can definitely have a negative impact on your wellbeing. It’s the same for almost any profession/job/hobby – if you constantly see the success of other people as your own failure, you’re going to be pretty miserable. I like to think of success as being a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck – you might work just as hard as the next person, but their circumstances could be a little more favourable at the given time, or they’re simply lucked out a bit more. I believe in carrying on the hard work, building the best circumstances for yourself that you can and always hoping for that extra luck factor along the way.

I have a good old chat with you all about this in the video, so please feel free to give it a watch. I think there’ll be a lot of varying thoughts on this topic, and I would really love to hear yours – leave me a comment below and tell me what you think about the culture of constant comparison, and how we can learn to be that bit happier!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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