Malaysian Supperclub with Norman Musa

Last month, myself and Tiz were very kindly invited to a Malaysian Supperclub dinner hosted by the amazing chef Norman Musa. It was held at his cookery school and restaurant, Ning Malaysian Restaurant, in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and I can safely say that I’m a total convert to Malaysian dining!

Malaysian Supperclub Norman Musa

As many of you know, I’m a vegetarian so I’ll be talking about the night from my own veggie perspective. We were joined by lots of members of the press as well as the absolutely fabulous El from AThriftyMrs and her lovely husband too. We got stuck in to the starters – the one you can see above is the Do-It-Yourself Mango Salad – I can still taste the incredible flavours as I type this. All of the accompaniments were simply perfect, and I ended up building the most amazing starter whilst playing around with the flavours.

One thing I have to give a special mention to is how well they looked after me as a vegetarian – at every stage of the dinner the team offered me alternatives and special veggie plates to enjoy, which was a wonderful touch. I was so grateful, and left feeling totally full – it’s quite rare for this to happen when eating out as a vegetarian!

Malaysian Supperclub Norman Musa

OK, we need to have a word about the top dish in this photo (I didn’t try the bottom one as it contained prawns, but was assured it – along with the other meat dishes – were incredible!). It was seriously the tastiest, most more-ish thing I have ever eaten in my life. It is the Masak Lemac Labu & Keledek – pumpkin and sweet potato in an amazing coconut sauce. My mouth is watering as I think about it. It was hands down one of the best vegetarian meals I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve been veggie since I was 9! The rice was also delicious, and so fragrant.

Malaysian Supperclub Norman Musa

On to desserts! Everything was, once again, awesome – the traditional Malaysian goodies at the bottom were unusual but lovely, and the ice creams/sorbets were to die for. However, you know me – I’m obsessed with fruit, so the amazing fruit platter (INSIDE a watermelon, no less!) was my ultimate favourite. The lychees were spot on, the pineapple was beautifully sweet and the watermelon itself was perfect. It rounded off the evening perfectly, and even though we were all stuffed from the gorgeous starters and main courses we polished off the desserts – everything was just too good to pass up!

The entire team of chefs and organisers (and of course Norman!) were so passionate about Malaysian cuisine and that really came across. I cannot wait to revisit Ning in the new year! A huge thank you to them for a wonderful evening.

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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