Review: Mark Betts Shampoo & Conditioner

It’s no secret that as far as haircare goes, my only two true essentials are shampoo and conditioner (and heat protection spray of course, but that’s a whole different arena!). I’m not a fan of fancy oils, heavy styling products or complicated techniques – I love good old colour-protecting/enhancing shampoos and matching conditioners. I recently received a pair by Mark Betts to try out – theĀ Colour Shampoo and Colour Conditioner.

Mark Betts Colour Shampoo Conditioner

I was immediately impressed with the sleek packaging – I’m so used to shampoos in similarly-shaped plastic bottles that these metal pump cans were a refreshing change. As much as I adore over-the-top patterns most of the time, when it comes to beauty products I’m also a fan of the minimalist touch. These products certainly hit the mark!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. On first use, both the shampoo and conditioner took a few pumps to get going (I wish I’d started the process out of the shower as I’m clumsy enough at the best of times!) but once the product was flowing all was well. The shampoo was much thicker than I anticipated, which initially made me nervous – I like shampoos to feel light, as it makes me think my hair will last longer before getting greasy post-blow dry. The conditioner was a happy medium thickness, perfect for my hair – it still felt thick enough to do a good job of adding moisture to my locks, but didn’t weight my hair down at all.

Once I started blow drying, the magic really happened. The colour of my hair looked instantly brighter and fresher (despite the fact my roots need doing so badly!). My hair seemed to dry in record time, and looked so light and clean afterwards. It felt gorgeously smooth and soft, and two days down the line it’s still looking awesome. I feel like I’ve discovered a bit of a dream team here – if you have highlighted hair, I would thoroughly recommend these Mark Betts gems. I’m incredibly impressed!

I’d used the products before filming my new video – see for yourself how my hair looked!

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