Review: Luster Pro White Teeth Whitening System

As you may remember, a couple of years ago I whitened my teeth using a pretty complicated gum-shield-and-gel method. I bought the system from my dentist, who made the gum shield from an impression of my teeth – the whole thing cost £199 and worked reasonably well. However, it was very long winded and took up a good chunk of my evenings every night (plus the price tag wasn’t ideal!).

When I was kindly sent the new Luster Pro White Teeth Whitening System to try out, which retails for £49.99 at Boots but is currently on sale for £37.49, I was excited to try it out. Here’s the gist: you firstly apply the Whitening Solution (Bottle 1), then the Activator Whitening Gel (Bottle 2) to your teeth, before shining the whitening light onto your teeth for 2 minutes. That whole thing counts as one treatment, and you can choose how you complete them. I decided to go for the ‘Weekday Schedule’ – 4 treatments per day for 5 days.

Luster Pro White Teeth Whitening System review

Straight away, the system seemed so much easier to use than the previous one I’d tried. The quick 2 minute stints (which ends up taking around 5 in reality, when you’ve applied the solutions) are so much more convenient than sitting with an awkward gum shield on your teeth for ages each night. As I work from home I didn’t find the schedule obtrusive, though if I went out each day I’d probably do two in the morning and two at night. As long as you rinse the gel off in-between treatments, you can go on to the next one.

One of the main questions people ask when it comes to teeth whitening is whether there’s any sensitivity involved. With my last system, my bottom teeth became quite sensitive as the days went by, but there was only minimal sensitivity associated with the Luster system. It was far more comfortable all-round…but did it get results?

Here’s a before and after photo. Please take this with a pinch of salt, as I couldn’t get the lighting the same for both photos.

Luster Pro White Teeth Whitening System review

So the photo aside, I did notice a good change in the whiteness of my teeth. It’s tricky to compare it to the other system I used, as that one probably did quite a lot of initial stain removal. I feel that the Luster system gave me a brilliant top up, and I would say I hopped around 3 shades on their whiteness scale. Put it this way – I looked in the mirror afterwards and though my teeth looked whiter, and family members who didn’t know I’d been whitening my teeth all told me they looked whiter. I think that’s a good indicator that it worked!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend giving the system a try – especially as it’s on sale at Boots right now! Grab a bargain whilst you can and see how it works for you.

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