Outfit: Rare Opulence

Whether we’re talking beauty or fashion, I believe in mixing things up from time to time – today’s Outfit post is about just that. For the first time here on my blog, I’m taking a huge step outside of my style comfort zone to showcase this absolutely incredible dress from Rare London’s Opulence. To say I’m obsessed with it is rather an understatement – it just goes to show it’s sometimes a mistake to get┬ástuck within your own personal style and not dare to venture outside of those lines. Isn’t it stunning?

Rare London Opulence Dress outfit

This is the Opulence Light Blue Embellished Shift Dress, and comes adorned with glittering gems and pearly studs. They have been hand-sewn on to the dress (as if it didn’t feel luxurious enough already!) and also features a cut-out back too. During the winter months and party season, I’d usually automatically opt for a raven-black dress, but there’s something about the ice-queen feel of this number that just jumped out at me. I did team it with some of my favourite black heels, but think it could also be softened with some white or cream wedges, or even flats.

Rare London Opulence Dress outfit

Everything about the dress, from the silhouette to the little details, is amazing. It’s also spot-on size wise – I’m usually a size 8 on top and a 10 on the bottom, and this size 8 fit me like a glove. It has a built-in bra so there’s plenty of support, and means you can easily get away with the open back without having to faff around with annoying stick-on bras! When I first saw the prices of the dresses in the Opulence collection I knew they’d have to be pretty special to justify the tag – I can confirm that they totally live up to expectations, and even go beyond what I’d imagined!

What do you think of my step outside of my usual alternative-inspired style? It was quite a leap for me, but was actually a breath of fresh air to totally change things up, even for just a short time! Now to plan which festive event I can wear this number to (can I just say ‘all of them!’?). A huge thank you to Opulence and Rare London for this amazing piece.

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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