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Leg shaving tips advice

Whilst I was away on holiday, a few videos went live on my channel – one of those was packed full of top tips for getting silky, smooth legs whilst shaving! Granted, not that many people have asked me outright, “Chyaz, how do I shave my legs properly?” but that’s the thing – people don’t tend to talk about body hair all that much. I wanted to help break that cycle by offering up some advice and talking through some of my own techniques!

When it comes to shaving my legs, I like to keep things pretty simple. There are literally hundreds of products available designed to help you with the task, but I’ve often found that they’re not totally necessary. Here are some of my tips for gorgeously soft, smooth pins:

  • Pick the right razor for you. I’m sometimes wary of the phrase “you get what you pay for”, but when it comes to razors it’s totally true. I like to minimise waste, and get a lovely close shave, by using the Gillette Venus Embrace razor and the matching refills. I’ve had the same body of the razor for around 5 years and it’s in brilliant condition, so it’s totally worth the investment!
  • Use conditioner as shaving lotion! I picked up this tip from an online beauty article (I can’t for the life of me remember which one!) and it’s been amazing. Instead of spending money on sometimes expensive foams and creams, make use of that conditioner that just didn’t really work on your hair (we all have one lying around somewhere!). I use the KeraStraight Conditioner I was given after my straightening treatment with the brand.
  • Rinse your razor after every stroke. It’s so easy to get lazy or forgetful and just keep shaving away without thinking of all the little hairs that are clogging up your razor, meaning your shave is less effective and your blade seems to last a shorter time. I keep a very light trickle of water running if I shave whilst in the shower – if you’re in the bath, it’s even easier to rinse your blade!
  • Pay extra attention to those tricky areas. I find the top of my shin, my knees and my ankles are really awkward places, and I always end up with rogue hairs left behind. If I spend just a couple of minutes going over those areas again with careful strokes, I really notice the difference – apply light pressure with your razor and don’t pull too hard. You’ll have smooth-all-over legs in no time!
  • Apply the right body lotion. If you have super dry skin, choose a moisturiser accordingly – I do, and know something like the Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Cream is great for me. It’s actually a great time of year to look for deals on things like body moisturisers, as loads of Christmas gift sets are appearing and there are deals to be found.

I’d love to hear your leg shaving tips too! Feel free to share them in the comments.

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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