Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume For Colour-Treated Hair

John Frieda Touchably Full Colour Treated Hair review

John Frieda has long been one of my favourite haircare brands. When I first got highlights aged 13, I started using my mum’s bottles of the Sheer Blonde Shampoos and Conditioners and haven’t looked back since. I was sent the brand new John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner to try out – but what’s new about them, I hear you ask? Well, these little beauties are designed for colour-treated hair!

When I tried the original Luxurious Volume products, I really loved the lift they gave to my locks but missed the addition of the ‘for coloured hair’ focus. The vast majority of the hair products I use are formulated for either dyed or blonde hair (as I like to keep my colour looking fresh for as long as possible!) so when I heard about this new offering from John Frieda I was excited!

The experience of using them in the shower was a good – I have come to expect a certain performance from John Frieda (including a good lather on the shampoo, and silky locks post-rinse of the conditioner) and they definitely lived up to my expectations. Great start! But the proof is in the pudding…so how did my hair turn out once it was dry?

John Frieda Touchably Full review Colour Treated hair

This photo was nabbed from my Instagram page, and was taken a couple of days after I’d washed my hair with the products. I love that the volume had stayed put, as a lot of volumising products tend to leave your locks limp after a little while. I really did notice the colour benefits too – at this stage between salon trips, I can notice that my blonde shade goes a bit ‘blah’, but it is still looking nice and bright which is a huge bonus!

One thing I will say is that I felt my hair went greasy a little bit quicker than normal, but that said it has been VERY hot in the UK (especially so when I was using these products) so I will definitely give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m excited to use them again and continue to see the benefits!

Which John Frieda products are your ultimate favourites?

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