Unicorn Inspired Make Up

Unicorn Inspired Make Up Tutorial

Ok, so unicorns aren’t the first thing you think of when looking for make up inspiration (unless you’re me, of course. Then unicorns are generally what you aspire to at all times) but I wanted to create a look based on what I love about the mythical creatures. The pinks, lilacs, silvers…the glow and the magic. I really had fun trying to capture that unicorn spirit in my latest make up tutorial!

As the look was inspired, rather than a full costume or Halloween look, I left out the horn – I think the make up does the talking on its own! I opted for super dewy skin, bold purple, pink and silver eyes and candy floss lips. I guess that’s the great thing about taking inspiration from something that doesn’t exist (though I will forever believe they do) – you have so much room to have fun and play around!

I mention all of the products I used within the video, although you can totally mix and match depending on what you have or which brands you have access to. As long as you’re up for trying out something new and experimenting with colours and shades you can’t go too far wrong – you could even substitute the purples I use for another colour that reminds you of unicorns!

Unicorn Inspired Make Up Tutorial

They said I could be anything…so I became a unicorn¬†‚ô•

So what do you think? Would you ever wear this look out, and if not how would you tone it down to be able to wear it?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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