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Vivienne Westwood Collection Haul

I am not generally a huge lover of designer labels, with one or two exceptions. The biggest exception by a million miles is Vivienne Westwood – I’ve been a fan of Big Viv for longer than I can remember, with my obsession beginning as I got more into punk music and its roots. Every time I show an item from her range that I own on YouTube, I’m asked to do a full collection video…today is the day it finally went live!

As a quick disclaimer, as mentioned at the start of the video – this is in no way intended to be a ‘bragging’ video. I’m sure lots of other YouTubers feel the same when asked to upload a video about anything designer, i.e. designer bag/shoes collections. I really enjoyed telling you the stories behind each item and why it is so special to me, and I hope that comes across!

I would list all of the items mentioned below, but unfortunately the vast majority of them are no longer available. However I will post a few helpful links to places I like to look for new and exciting Vivienne Westwood items, plus some bargains too!

Vivienne Westwood website – for all the latest. Plus there are occasional sales too!

ASOS – they have an awesome range of Vivienne Westwood items, and often have good deals.

Brand Alley – there aren’t always Viviene Westwood sales on, but when they do have items the deals are fab!

I hope this has been a fun and interesting post, and that you enjoyed the video! Which item was your favourite?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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