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If you’re a fan of videos featuring excessive amounts of nail polish, this is the post for you! Today I uploaded my totally updated Nail Polish Collection & Storage video – I have just invested in a new method of storage, and wanted to introduce you all to it.

P.s. if you’re wondering, here’s a link to where I bought the amazing Alice In Wonderland ‘We’re All Mad Here’ Cushion!


I am totally obsessed with this storage shelf I bought from Amazon. It was £19.99 which seems pricey, but the quality is great (it’s super sturdy) and it is such a fun way to present nail polishes. It lives in my bathroom and is so eye-catching – even Tiz was impressed when he saw it, as the effect looks pretty striking if you’re not expecting it!

Nail Polish Storage Shelf Amazon


It would take me approximately 10,000 years to list all of the nail polishes individually below, plus some of them are now discontinued. However I thought I’d include some links to awesome websites that I like to purchase particular brands from, which I hope it helpful!

♥ OPI – Feel Unique

 Topshop – Topshop!

 Sinful Colors – Boots

 Barry M – Superdrug

 Models Own – Boots

 China Glaze – Beauty Bay

Which of the nail varnishes I featured really caught your eye? We all have our favourites…although if I had to pick one I’d really struggle! I always choose a nail polish on the day depending on my mood, and like to match the colour to the season too.

I know my collection does seem kind of…ridiculous. But in my defence, I bought a lot of the nail polishes to review, and some of them were kindly sent to me by companies too. It’s difficult to remember exactly which ones I came across in which ways, but they’ve all earned their place on my special shelf. I don’t know what I’ll do when new ones come along – I guess I’ll have to start prioritising my favourites!

If you have any question, please do leave them below as always. I’m more than happy to answer and help!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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