Review: Rimmel Urban Bohemian Kate Moss Nail Polishes

If you’re a fan of the Rimmel Kate Moss Nail Polishes (I know I am!) then this is the post for you. I have been super impressed with the offerings from Kate’s line in the past – the polishes tend to be long lasting with an amazing gel look, and don’t break the bank either. Let’s take a look at the Urban Bohemian collection!

Here are four of the polishes in Goddess, Bewitch, Nymph and Seduce:

Rimmel Kate Moss Urban Bohemian nails review

The two I’m going to be reviewing in more details are Seduce and Nymph. I decided to create a fun look using both of the polishes together – I used to LOVE doing the alternate nail look with two different colours, and it was a great throwback to do it again with these.

The application of the polishes was flawless. I am in love with the brush shape – it is very much a nail shape, curved at the top and quite short, and allows for an amazingly precise application. Two coats worked perfectly, and the finish was super shiny and totally opaque – it actually reminded me of that beautiful shine you get with Shellac nails. Gorgeous!

Rimmel Kate Moss Urban Bohemian nails review

This colour combination is actually one of my favourite nail looks so far in 2014. It’s summery but not over the top, and the mixture of the two shades is really eye-catching. The polish was relatively long-lasting (I always manage to chip my nail polish in record time, but this held up well) and they’re super affordable too – just £4.49 per bottle.

I also noticed that the drying time is exceptionally good. Rimmel don’t advertise any particular time on these bottles, as they sometimes do, but nonetheless I found they dried nice and quickly. That’s always a plus when you’re running around like a headless chicken most of the time like me!

Which colour from the Rimmel Kate Moss Urban Bohemian collection will you be trying out?

Stay Creative,

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