Review: Pretty Polly x Hello Kitty

When I get an email with ‘Hello Kitty’ in the title, I generally don’t waste a second opening it – I’ve been a fan of Hello Kitty since I was around 16, when I found this gorgeous pink vest top covered in the feline icon’s face (and subsequently wore it for an entire summer…). The email in question was from the guys over at Pretty Polly, who asked if I’d like to try out some items from their new Pretty Polly Loves Hello Kitty range. The answer was, of course, yes please!

I want to show you the tights first – I’ve always had a thing for patterned tights, although I haven’t bought any for ages. I hoped that these would re-ignite my love…I was right! Let’s look at the Mock Over The Knee Hello Kitty Tights, which retail for around £8.

Pretty Polly x Hello Kitty tights reviewI teamed them with a long jumper for this post, to make sure you could see the full look (rather than half of the tights being hidden under a skirt or longer dress). These were the item I was most excited to try out, as I love the ‘knee socks’ effect and the beautiful big red Hello Kitty bows! I was incredibly surprised at the quality, in a very good way – I always assume that tights with a novelty-appeal with be of lower quality, but these were at their full Pretty Polly best. So cute!

Next up we have the Stripe Hello Kitty Tights, which also have an RRP of £8:

Pretty Polly x Hello Kitty tights review

Striped tights and socks were one of my biggest style essentials back in the early noughties, and I really enjoyed revisiting that look! The tights are black and tan stripes, which isn’t a combo I’d usually put together, but I actually really liked them. I think the little Hello Kitty faces peeking from the inner calf are adorable, and I’d wear these with a plain black dress and these creeper wedges for a fun, perky look!

Moving on to the socks. The first two pairs I tried out were the Hello Kitty Ankle High Socks, which come in 2 per pack and retail for £6:

Pretty Polly x Hello Kitty socks reviewI think it’s awesome that these are available at Topshop – they’re just the kind of thing I would pick up! Again, the quality of these socks was excellent. They’re super soft and nice and cosy, and the designs are so cute I could die! The black and white striped ones with the red bows really caught my eye, and would make me smile knowing I was wearing them even if no one else could see them! They’re great all-round, and the price for two pairs of good quality socks is fab.

Finally, here are the genius Hello Kitty Welly Socks, RRP £6!

Pretty Polly x Hello Kitty socks reviewThese are just SO perfect for the festival season – they are incredibly comfortable and would look beyond adorable poking out of the top of your wellies. The cloud design towards the bottom made me think of playing Super Mario as a kid (and, let’s face it, an adult too) and the Hello Kitty face at the top is the perfect finishing touch. I’m such a fan of these!

All in all, it’s a rave review for the Pretty Polly x Hello Kitty collection. I’m very impressed with the quality, and the designs are spot on – Hello Kitty fans will love them! Not only that, but they are practical too (especially the Welly Socks) and the prices are definitely affordable.

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox

P.s. Did anyone else sing Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty throughout the entire post?!


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