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I am very excited to reveal my brand new video! As some of you may know, I’m friends with the amazing Gracie aka UglyFaceOfBeauty on YouTube and a couple of weeks ago we decided to film some videos together. I went down to see her and we each filmed one challenge and video and one that is yet to be revealed…today I’m bringing you our Not My Arms Challenge video!

We had SO much fun filming this – I don’t mind looking daft, which is good considering how the look turned out! I cried with laughter whilst editing the video and I really hope it makes you all smile too. Which part was your favourite? I have to vote for the bit when Gracie gave me a drink…I thought I was going to get it all down my top!

Gracie also uploaded the challenge video we filmed for her channel – the Baby Food Challenge! This was a mixture of hilarious and gross to film (when you watch it you’ll totally understand why – I still feel like I can taste some of those horrible ‘meals’!) and I really hope you enjoy it.

In the Not My Arms video description box, I’ve popped all of the details you need, including mine and Gracie’s Twitter, Instagram and blog links. In case you’re wondering which products were used in the video, I’ve popped a few links below – some of them were Gracie’s so I’m not sure on the exact shade, but feel free to have a search:

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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