Review: Ojon Color Sustain Pro Conditioner

If you read my last Ojon review, you may remember how much I enjoyed using the product. Today I’m reviewing the accompanying conditioner to that shampoo – the Ojon Color Sustain Pro Conditioner! I’m always slightly wary of trying out new conditioners as I hate anything that leaves my hair heavy or greasy-looking, but after my success using the shampoo I felt pretty positive!

Ojon Color Sustain Pro Conditioner review

As with the shampoo, I used this alongside a non-Ojon product to really make sure I could judge the effects on their own. The conditioner is designed to fight colour fade, which is one of my main hair concerns. It claims to ‘nourish hair while preserving color vibrancy and shine’ (forgive the American spelling, just taking the copy from the bottle!) so I put it to the test whilst filming my recent Hair Care Routine video!

Ojon Color Sustain Pro Conditioner review

In the shower, the conditioner didn’t feel heavy or that it particularly sunk into the hair as such – on one hand I was worried that my hair would be left dry, but on the other I knew it definitely wouldn’t look greasy. However, when I came to actually dry my hair I was literally blown away (OK, maybe not literally – my hairdryer isn’t that powerful!). From the outset my hair felt SO soft and smooth, and I was beyond thrilled with the finished results. For a full look at how my hair looked before, during and afterwards, check out that video!

As for colour fade protection, I did notice that my hair looked just as vibrant as before, which is all I can really ask for! I only use conditioners on the lower sections of my hair (avoiding the roots) so obviously didn’t notice a difference there, but the ends were bright and smooth which is brilliant!

The conditioner retails for between £17.50-£18.50, making it a high end product but it’s just too wonderful to scoff at the price. If you’re looking to really treat your hair to a fantastic product (even if it’s just to use once in a while, or for special occasions) I’d highly recommend the Ojon Color Sustain Pro Conditioner. Top marks!

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