Review: OPI Kyoto Pearl Nail Polish

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s kick off the week with a shiny new review (quite literally!). As many of you know, I’m a total OPI addict and never shy away from testing out a new polish from them. When they very kindly sent me a bundle of nail lacquers to try, one caught my eye straight away – the shiny, glossy Kyoto Pearl.

OPI Kyoto Pearl Nail Polish review

I’m a total sucker for pearly nail shades, and feel they add an instant dash of glamour. I also find that they apply like a dream and don’t cause any of the removal issues that come along with things like glitter polishes, yet still add a gorgeous sheen!

The first coat, which was pretty sheer, dried in record time and allowed me to apply a second super quickly. I was actually really happy with the two coat effect, which was a bonus as I didn’t have time for a third! I first painted my nails on Friday, and this morning (after noticing a couple of small chips) I decided to pop on a third before photographing my nails. The third coat was definitely the charm, and added an extra dimension of shine.

OPI Kyoto Pearl Nail Polish review

The chips that appeared were actually due more to my poor nail condition that the polish itself, and overall I’ve been very impressed with its quality. The finish is second to none, and surprisingly un-streaky given its light shade – it’s a great way to look that little bit more ‘put together’ without much effort, and without worrying about applying a darker shade totally precisely.

I think I’m going to be using this polish loads throughout the spring and summer months – you might think it’s more of an icy, winter shade (and to be honest, I’ll probably end up using it then too!) but there’s something effortless about it that fits so well with the warmer months. I love it!

OPI Kyoto Pearl Nail Polish review

What do you think of Kyoto Pearl, or these kind of shades in general?

Stay Creative,

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