Review: Smashbox CC Cream

I have been so excited to post this review! For a week or so I’ve been trying out the amazing new Smashbox CC Cream, and the verdict is in. For a little background, I tried out the shade Fair and would always pop on a little bit of moisturiser under the cream (it’s always good to know these extra facts!). Let’s take a look…

Smashbox CC Cream review

As you can see, the CC Cream contains SPF 30 which is absolutely excellent for my pale skin (I burn within seconds, or at least it feels that way!). I always use an SPF moisturiser, but I also like my foundation to have an extra hit in just to make sure. It is designed to be a colour corrector, specifically correcting dark spots. That’s not something I particularly have a problem with, but more even-ness can never be a bad thing, right?

The tube itself is a sleek white shade, which I like much more than I anticipated. I’m not all about fussy packaging for products that I just want to be practical, so that worked perfectly for me. I tried it out post-cleanse and moisturise due to my super dry skin, and noticed a couple of things straight away!

Smashbox CC Cream review

The texture and tone of my skin seemed instantly improved, and it didn’t cling to any dry patches – that’s the main issue I have with regular foundation, so this was a huge plus. I also loved the fact that it perfectly complemented my own skin tone without just totally covering it up. My final favourite thing about the CC Cream was that it had a fairly matte finish without being at all drying, which I know will be super handy on hot (and, let’s face it, sweaty) summer days.

Here was how it looked on me old mug! In terms of coverage, it is much less thick than a normal foundation but still has a decent yet light coverage. I like to actually see my own skin through my make up, and the CC Cream certainly allows for that.

Smashbox CC Cream review

I was so chuffed with the outcome, and I rarely say this but it’s a product I would have no trouble paying full price for. It retails for around £29, which makes it a high end item but for me it would be totally worth it. Not only does it act as a great foundation, but it protects your skin with its awesome SPF rating. It really does get a huge thumbs up from me!

What do you think of the Smashbox CC Cream?

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