5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise

One of the most frequently asked questions every time I mention my workout routine is “how do you find the motivation?!”. I have to be honest – these days it’s just part of my daily life and not something I really even think about, but at the beginning motivation was tough. I do have a few tips to share on the subject – hopefully they will help you to get to the point where exercise isn’t so much a chore as something you can look forward to each day!

1. Make sure what you’re doing is actually right for you

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I started my fitness journey by going to the gym, and it sucked. Big time. I had no idea what I was doing and spent the whole time feeling pretty self-conscious, dreading the idea of bumping in to someone I knew whilst looking like a sweaty tomato. It didn’t work for me at all, and as soon as I went online and found videos from the likes of Tiffany Rothe, then Jillian Michaels and finally FitnessBlender, I realised that at-home workouts were the way forward for me. Not to mention that I also ended up saving over £40 per month on gym membership fees! Once you find your ideal style/mode of exercise the motivation will come naturally.

2. Look the part, feel the part

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I didn’t pay any attention to this at first, and would go to the gym in old, ill-fitting clothing. However, once I started thinking more about my exercise attire I felt more comfortable, supported, confident and motivated. I own two pink crop tops with build-in sports bras, and they only cost around £7 each from Sports Direct, but they do a great job and look good too. My shorts are lightweight and easy to move around in, which helps my performance as well. Granted, what I look like doesn’t really matter when I’m just at home working out, but it makes me feel better. I get as excited about a new item of workout clothing as I do regular clothing, and it gives you a little extra kick to work out even harder!

3. Get in to a routine

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If you’re exercising as and when you have the time, it can seem easier to take a rest day rather than fit working out into your schedule. I exercise at the same time every day, and because that’s my designated workout time it just…happens! I used to mix it up, but it just made it too tempting to prioritise other things over exercise. I know that from 8.20-9am I’ll do some kind of workout 6 days per week (though at the weekends it’s always a bit later…) and it makes me actually want to do it!

4. Mix up what you do from day to day

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Up until a couple of months ago, I was getting stuck in the rut of doing the same workout DVD 5 days in row. It’s definitely not what works best for me, and that’s why I love things like FitnessBlender. They have hundreds of different totally free workout videos, and I’ve only done the same one twice a handful of times! It makes every day a bit more interesting and allows you to focus on different areas depending on how you feel, or what your short term goals are.

5. Don’t stress about strict milestones or weight targets

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When I was weighing myself every week without fail, it would start to affect my exercise routine in a negative way. For example, if I hadn’t lost as much as I’d wanted to one week, I’d hugely up my workout intensity even if I didn’t feel it was right. I’ve now realised that working out consistently is the key, rather than burning yourself out for the sake of the scales – I exercise to feel healthy, and if you’re too exhausted from your workout routine you’re not going to feel great. Don’t worry about pushing yourself to any extremes – just be happy and healthy!

Share your own tips below – I’d love to read them!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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