Review: Cheeky Nail Paint in Tar Very Much

When this baby dropped through my letterbox (if I had a letterbox, that statement would be true…the postman actually handed it to me) I had no idea what to expect. I’ve never tried any of the Cheeky Nail Paints before, but had been asked to give it a whirl and couldn’t resist. The shade is Tar Very Much, a super dark grey/black shade packed with teeny tiny particles of blue and purple shimmer, and is taken from the new Chat Me Up range!

Cheeky Tar Very Much nail polish review

Polishes with very fine glitter particles are always tricky to photograph, but you can just about see the speckles in the photo above. As soon as I took it out of the package, I said ‘Ooo!’ out loud – it’s just my kind of thing! I also adored the name, Tar Very Much, which is obviously a play on the black shade. I guess I somewhat expected the polish to be pretty thick (I’m so taken in by that kind of thing!)

Cheeky Tar Very Much nail polish review

Let’s go through coat by coat. I started with a clear base, then applied one coat of Tar Very Much. I absolutely loved the shape of the brush – it is totally perfect for getting a clean application, which is something I rarely achieve. It is rounded at the top and just so much easier to use than a regular brush! The first coat was pretty sheer, but that’s not unusual.

After the second coat, it still wasn’t totally opaque but as it dried and settled it looked much better. I didn’t have time for a third, but I think it would have been the charm – it dried fairly quickly though, so that really wouldn’t have bothered me! I love the way the light catches the sparkles, yet on first glance the polish looks glitter-free – it’s a fun balance and makes the product more versatile.

Cheeky Tar Very Much nail polish review

I skipped the top coat in order to test out the polish’s durability – a day later and there are a couple of chips, but in that time I went out for drinks, cleaned the bathroom and cooked meals, plus spent almost every minute in-between typing! So all in all, I think it has held up well and I’d definitely try out other products from the Cheeky line. Tar Very Much retails for £7.00, which is good going for the quality!

Have you tried any of the Cheeky polishes?

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