Review: Ojon Color Sustain Pro Shampoo

I’m excited to bring my second Ojon review to – today I’m featuring the Ojon Color Sustain Pro Shampoo! Having blonde highlights means I have to really think about the shampoos and conditioners I use, as I want to keep my colour vibrant and fresh for as long as possible.

When I met with the lovely Ojon PR ladies a week or so ago, they told me about their Color Sustain range and kindly sent me samples to try out. I gave the shampoo a whirl last week and I’m excited to share my thoughts – first things first, here’s the bottle itself!

Ojon Color Sustain Pro Shampoo review

The shampoo is designed to fight colour fade, which is one of my main hair concerns. I love being a blondie, and want my colour to last as long as possible in between salon visits so always lean towards products which help this aim. I used the Ojon shampoo alongside a volumising conditioner (which doesn’t boast any colour benefits) to see how it performed.

The product made my hair SO soft, and I noticed an added brightness to my highlights. In fact, the next time I washed my hair using a different shampoo I actually noticed a lack of brightness, which makes me realise how well the Ojon shampoo works!

Ojon Color Sustain Pro Shampoo review

The product retails for between £17.50-18.50, which makes it a very high end shampoo. I’ve heard of other fellow bloggers investing in pricey hair products and being disappointed – I can’t ever imagine them being unhappy with this one. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a totally luxurious, effective shampoo then this is a very good bet!

What’s your stance on high-end shampoos? Ever tried one out?

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