Review: KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment

Eagle-eyed followers of my Instagram page will have spotted a couple of super fun photos yesterday, all to do with the amazing KeraStraight Ultimate treatment I had done at the Manchester Professional Hairdresser Live 2014 event! I was lucky to be invited to have a complimentary treatment and was intrigued to find out more…

When I arrived, my hair looked a little frazzled – the rubbish weather plus heat and colour on my hair take their toll, and it was feeling a bit ‘meh’. It also tangles like nobody’s business after being washed, and I was hoping that KeraStraight would help to sort some of these problems out. The stage at the KeraStraight stand looked amazing, and I couldn’t wait to get started. After meeting co-creator Jez, it was over to the backwash to have my locks cleansed with the pre-treatment shampoo.

KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment review

I then met Tom Arnett, a member of the KeraStraight Art Team and stylist at Trevor Sorbie in Hampstead. He is nothing short of hilarious, and we had a right laugh whilst he was applying the treatment! He started by combing through my hair (which took forever, and I kept apologising for the unruliness of my knots!) before he applied the actual KeraStraight protein treatment. They assured me that it would not affect my colour in any way, unlike other protein treatments, and I totally trusted them on that count.

Once applied, the treatment was left to sink in to the hair for a good 45 minutes, in which I sat just off the stage and answered a couple of questions when the mic came round! In no time, it was back to the backwash to rinse off the product and apply the hair mask – even as Tom washed my hair, I could feel how incredibly soft and smooth it felt!

Then all that was left to do was the blow drying and straightening. With every step, my hair was looking and feeling ridiculously soft and totally tamed. Visitors to the stand kept popping over to have a feel of my tresses, and they were as impressed as I was! When it was all done, Tom handed me a mirror and I couldn’t believe how sleek the finished look was – seriously amazing!

KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment review

The treatment lasts for around 4 months, meaning in that time my hair will be super soft, tamed and manageable. Tom also gave me some special products to use on my hair to make sure the treatment lasts as long as possible, which I absolutely want it to do! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome, and the entire experience was wonderful from beginning to end. The KeraStraight team are beyond fantastic, and help to make a great product even better.

To find out more about KeraStraight and see which salons near to you offer it (plus prices, which vary from salon to salon), visit: 

KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment review

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