Review: Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo

I love, love, love trying out new hair products, especially good old shampoos and conditioners. They’re my ultimate hair essentials as I don’t tend to use very many styling products, so they really have to do the job well. After meeting with the lovely Ojon last week, they kindly gave me their Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo to put to the test!

Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo review

As you can see, the shampoo features little beads – they are filled with Rouge Oleifera extract, taken from the fruit that surrounds the Ojon nut. It has a whole host of benefits, but is basically there to make sure your hair is gorgeously strong, shiny, manageable and cared for. I also love that the shampoo is designed to cleanse your hair without stripping, which is super important when you have highlights.

I gave it a whirl, and it was a brilliant experience from the word go. The tiny beads seem to burst as you massage the product into your hair, and the scent is so natural it feels like you’re washing your locks in the middle of a rainforest. OK, slight exaggeration but you catch my drift!

Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo review

Although my hair isn’t super dry or damaged, I still definitely felt the benefit from using the Ojon¬†Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo. My hair was SO soft afterwards, and it brushed through much more easily when wet. It also looked beautifully healthy without looking so shiny it was greasy, which was a huge plus for me!

I did actually use it alongside quite a strong conditioner, and in the future I would opt for a milder second step – the repairing properties of the shampoo (plus the Ojon Oil) provided pretty much enough moisture on its own for me. My hair looked in need of a wash slightly sooner than normal, but I definitely put this down to the strength of my conditioner rather than the shampoo.

The shampoo retails for around ¬£25, making it a much higher end product than I would normally use. Saying that, it performs to an exceptional standard, and if you were treating your hair to something a little bit special this would be the perfect option! Plus, the ingredients are super luxurious, so you’re absolutely getting what you pay for.

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